About PHP
Posted By - Ko Ko - March 27, 2006

Summary :
Introduction and brief description of PHP

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About PHP


What is Php?

What is a Php file?

  • Php files contain a mixture of "plain text", "html tags" and "php scripts".
  • Php files produce "plain html" after execution.
  • Php files extensions are ".php", ".php3 and "phtml".

Why use Php?

  • Php can be used with all kinds of operating system(OS).
  • Php can runs on many popular web servers. (Apache, IIS, etc--)
  • Php can be downloaded free from and used.
  • Php is easy to learn and runs very efficiently on web servers.

How to start using Php

  • How to get started in Php will be explained In the next articles.

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