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  • Title: 아스팔트 사나이 / Asphalt Sa-na-yi (Ah seu pal teu Sa na yi)
  • Also known as: The Man on the Asphalt, The Dream Racers
  • Episodes: 16
  • Broadcast network: SBS
  • Broadcast period: 1995-May-17 to 1995-Jul-06
  • Air time: Wednesday & Thursday


Kang Dong-joon (Lee Byung Hun) is a young car designer who desires to start his own car company in Korea. He tries to get assistance from his father, but the family is troubled. His younger brother (Jung Woo Sung) hates their father, and leaves the country to become a car racer in the United States. Meanwhile, his sister (Lee Young Ae) also flees to the U.S. after conceiving a child with a U.S. army soldier.

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  • The original story was published by cartoonist Hu Young Man in 1991.
  • Asphalt Man is the first Korean Drama to be shot on film (and not video, like most Korean dramas), and features thrilling car chase sequences, and authentic locations in the US, including Nevada, Chicago, and Utah.
  • Originally, Director Lee chose Lee Byung Hun to play the role of the younger brother.

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