Bad Girls


  • Title: 나쁜 여자들 / Na-ppeun Yeo-ja-deul
  • Episodes: 16
  • Broadcast network: SBS
  • Broadcast period: 2002-May-08 to 2002-Jun-27
  • Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


Jae-kyung, Yeol-mae, and Yeon-hee are three inseparable friends. Yeon-hee is married to Taek-su. In-ku is Jae-kyung's boyfriend, and Bong-chul is Yeol-mae's boyfriend.

Taek-su (Kim Byung Se) is having an affair with a fellow co-worker, which his wife finds out about. Yeon-hee (Kim Hye Ri) decides to find her own success in the workplace rather than live as a homemaker for her husband.

In a competitive businessplace, Jae-kyung (Park Sol Mi) wins a high position, but her superior, Jang-su (Sun Woo Jae Duk) tries to sexually harass her. When In-ku (Lee Jung Jin) found it out, he got angry, but kept the story quiet in exchange for the position that Jae-kyung had gotten. Jae-kyung, feeling betrayed, moves to a another city to work as a supervisior, where she meets Sin-ho (Park Kwang Hyun), who works as a manager there. Sin-ho is a warm-hearted guy that falls for Jae-kyung.

In-ku, though, is not a guy crazy for ambition, but has his own dark family secret, connected to the company's president, Lee Soon Jae-which is why he wants to succeed in that company. This yearning for recognition constantly puts him in a dilemma where he has to decide whether to get his success or Jae-kyung.

Bong-chul (Lee Jong Soo) is an unemployed 'bum' that always uses money that innocent Yeol-mae (Sung Yu Ri) gives.

In the beginning of the drama, guys defined a 'bad girl' as a girl that is sexy, smart, and cute because they are hard to control, but the drama tries to redefine the stereotypical images of career women.

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