Beauties in the Closet


  • Title: 柜中美人 / Gui Zhong Mei Ren
  • English title: Beauties in the Closet
  • Genre: Historical, Shenmo, Romance
  • Episodes: 34
  • Broadcast network: Youku
  • Broadcast period: 2018-Feb-08


To reduce the slaughter of foxes by the current Emperor, a pair of sisters from the fox tribe; Huang Qingfeng (a weasel sprite) and Hu Feiluan (a nine-tailed red fox) decided to enter the palace disguised as beautiful ladies in order to find a way to kill the Emperor. There, they became embroiled in the palace conflicts and also find love for the first time

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  • Yi Nian Chen Ai (一念尘埃) by Chen Jieyi
  • Cold Wind (寒风) by Zhao Yongxin
  • Liu Han Hua Ming (柳暗花明) by Hu Bingqing
  • Wind Light (风灯) by Jin Guisheng
  • Cannot Bother (管不了) by Zheng Jiajia

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