Bloody Romance


  • Title: 媚者无疆 / Mei Zhe Wu Jiang
  • English title: Bloody Romance
  • Genre: Wuxia, fantasy
  • Episodes: 36
  • Broadcast network: Youku
  • Broadcast period: 2018-Jul-24
  • Original soundtrack: Bloody Romance OST


In the turbulent interregnum following the collapse of the Tang dynasty, a young daughter of a herbalist was tricked and sold into a brothel. After a harrowing escape from death, she eventually found herself in a city of female assassins. Assuming the new name of Wan Mei, she began to learn from ropes of being an assassin from Chang An, a young man who acted as her guide and warder.

Over time, Wan Mei and Chang An began to develop genuine affection for each other. But Cha Luo, the leader of the assassins took a dislike to Wan Mei and plotted against the couple with her cohorts. Wan Mei's personality and gifts caused Gong Zi, the hidden owner of Gui Hua City to take a interest on her. Burdened by his hidden identity, Chang An began to distance himself from Wan Mei. The protagonists found themselves embroiled in escalating conspiracies involving deadly betrayals and struggles for power.

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Descendant of Princess Tai Ping. Wan Mei's shadow.
Prince Ning. Young master of Gui Hua City.

Gui Hua City

  • Xu Jie Er as Cha Luo (voiced by Zhang Xin Yu), chief of Gui Hua City
  • Li Zi Feng as Xing Feng (voiced by Hu Chen Yu), Hall Leader, in of Sui Gu Zi Xuan. Possesses medical knowledge and skills. Cha Luo's shadow and lover
  • Puff Kuo as Liu Guang (voiced by Xu Yin Miao Tian), in charge of Ji Gu Pavilion. A juesha (highest ranked assassin)
  • Ma Ge as Yue Ying (voiced by Liu Rui), a juesha. Gong Zi's attendant
  • Chai Ou as Cha Wu (voiced by Gu Fang Shui), a tiansha (second highest ranked assassin). A fragrance expert. Wan Xiang's mother
  • Wei Lu as Cha Ru (voiced by Zhang Yu), a juesha. Previous acting chief of Gui Hua City.
  • Wang Le Le as Lan He (voiced by Ma Yu Fei), previous chief of Gui Hua City. Gong Zi's mother
  • Zhuo Yu Xi as Wan Xiang (voiced by Liu Zi Ling), an assassin who entered Gui Hua City at the same time as Wan Mei. Sees Wan Mei as her biggest rival. Cha Wu's daughter
  • Zhao Ming Li as Yan Qin, a tiansha
  • Zhou Wen Tao as Feng Zhu, Cha Wu's shadow (later Wan Xiang's shadow)
  • Meng Wei as Er Yue, Wan Xiang's shadow (later Wan Mei's shadow)
  • Peng Qi as Chu Shiyi (voiced by Yu Chang Yu), Liu Guang's shadow
  • Zhou Yun Ru as Liu Zhi, subordinate of Ji Gu Pavilion
  • Jin Bang Yi as Chu Shi, Liu Guang's previous shadow
  • Yu Sheng Jun as Ru Feng, shadow

Xue Lian Sect


Fang Ge and Associates

  • Li Jian as Fang Ge, leader of the pugilistic world
  • Ge Zheng as Han Yue, Han Xiu's younger brother
  • Ma Jing Jing as Qin Yusang (voiced by Tan Wan Hong), a highly skilled swordsman who is obsessed with practicing martial arts. Good friend of Fang Ge Second Assassination Mission
  • Zhang Xin Yan as Fang Yingying, Fang Ge's younger sister
  • Wang Xi Yan as Madame Fang, Fang Ge's wife
  • Fan Chong as Fang Yan, hall leader of Fang Manor
  • Bai Dong Feng as Housekeeper Ji, Fang Manor attendant


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  • Filming began in September, 2017 and wrapped January 7, 2018 at Hengdian World Studios.

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