Chinese Paladin


  • Title: 仙剑奇侠传 (仙劍奇俠傳) / Xian Jian Qi Xia Zhuan
  • English title: Chinese Paladin
  • Also known as: The Magic Sword & the Chivalrous Youth / Legend of Fairy and Sword
  • Genres: Adventure, fantasy, action, romance
  • Episodes: 34
  • Broadcast network: CTV / TCS (Joint Mainland China, Taiwan and Singapore production)
  • Broadcast period: 2005-Jan-24
  • Opening theme song: Sha Po Lang by JS
  • Ending theme song: Zhong Yu Ming Bai by Power Station
  • Insert songs: see Chinese Paladin OST
  • Related TV Series: see Chinese Paladin (disambiguation)


The series starts with the execution of Nan Zhao's Queen who was accused of being a demon, while in reality, she was the descendant of the goddess Nu Wa. When the same man who had accused her had unleashed a snake-like demon upon the people, she sacrifices herself to save them and a statue is placed to honor her. Mysteriously, the Princess also disappears along with her nanny.

10 years later, the story then revolves around the life of Li Xiao Yao (Hu Ge), an orphan who lives with his aunt and is considered to be a lazy trouble maker by many. When his aunt had fallen sick, he was instructed to travel to a mystical land to retrieve the antidote to save her. Once there, he runs into Zhao Ling'er (Liu Yi Fei), a young and naive girl who claims that he is her savior. Though he was rather confused, Xiao Yao quickly falls for her and they later got married, but still fearing for his aunt's life, he promises to come back to find Ling'er after he saves his aunt. But then, a group of assassins suddenly finds their way onto the island, and all of Xiao Yao's memory since arriving at the location gets completely wiped away to the point where he even forgets about his marriage.

Nonetheless, he takes Ling'er back to Nan Zhao with him, where she tries to get him to fall for her again. The couple are then introduced to two cousins, Lin Yue Ru (Ady An) and Liu Jin Yuan (Bryan Wang). Yue Ru and Xiao Yao forms a rivalry, while Jin Yuan's love for his cousin starts to become obvious. Rather obliviously, Yue Ru starts to become jealous of Ling'er and Xiao Yao's relationship as she sees herself getting out of her ways to impress him, while at the same time, Ling'er is also trying to win back her husband.

However, Ling'er disappears and the three friends goes out to find her. On their journey, a series of events which they encounter would either change their friendship for the better or the worse, and eventually, Xiao Yao's memories later returns, and Ling'er also finds out about her true identity, causing her to question whether Xiao Yao would still love her or fear her for who she really was.

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Princess of Nan Zhao Kingdom. Descendant of Nuwa.
Nan Man's foster daughter. Zhao Ling Er's childhood playmate
Yu Hang Village
Nan Zhao Kingdom

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  • Filming started on December 30, 2003 and completed in June 2004. It took place in Dongyang, Yongkang and Jinyun.
  • There is no Chinese Paladin 2, as the producers found that the third game had a much stronger storyline for filming.

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