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One of the problems with romanizations of Korean names is that despite the existances of McCune-Reischauer, and later Revised Romanization, many Korean personal names are still popularly romanized differently from both. This lack of a standardized method of romanizing names has created a problem of which many variants of the same name exist. An example will be: Song Il Gook being sometimes found as Song Il Guk, or even Song Il Kook.

The purpose of this Romanization preference list is to create a DramaWiki-wide standard when it comes to romanizing Korean personal names. Reason for this is that all articles in DramaWiki are linked two-ways (Jang Dong Gun has acted in All About Eve and is listed in his drama list. The list in the All About Eve page is also linked back to him).

Other things to note when romanizing artist names are as follows:

  • All parts of the name are seperated without dashes and capitalized. (eg. Jang Dong Gun instead of Jang Dong-gun)
  • The revised romanization of the name is put in brackets after the name, still without dashes. (eg. 장동건 / Jang Dong Gun (Jang Dong Geon))
  • All other variants will be put in a Also known as: section in the profile so that all variations can be found.
  • Artist preference should supersede the rules below. A good indicator of an artist preference is a romanized social media account such as Instagram or Twitter, though the latter has become increasingly less popular by artists.
  • See also: DramaWiki:Korean Artist Article Formatting
Recommended romanization of Hangul for people names in DramaWiki
(see also: DramaWiki:Romanization of Hangul)
Please discuss any changes to this list on the talk page first
한글 RR Recommended romanization
Consonants (initial/final)
g/k Follow RR (Go Ah Ra, Suk Bo Bae), but with a lot of exceptions:
n Follow RR (Na Hyun Hee, Kang Chan)
d/t Follow RR (Do Hyun Jung, no known examples for name ending in ㄷ)
r/l follow RR (Ro Woon, Choi Chul Ho)
m Follow RR (Lee Bum Soo, Byun Woo Min)
b/p Follow RR (Won Bin, Kim Bup Rae). Exception:
s/t Follow RR (Ban Ya Sung). Exception:
-/ng Follow RR (Eun Hyuk (silent consonant), Chun Jung Myung)
j/t Follow RR (Jang Na Ra, No known examples for name ending in ㅈ)
ch/t Follow RR (Choi Si Won, Wang Bit Na)
k Follow RR (No known examples)
t Follow RR (No known examples)
p Follow RR (Kim Pyung Joong)
h Follow RR (Hyun Bin)
한글 RR Recommended romanization
a Use our own rules:
ya Follow RR (Park Shin Yang)
eo Use our own rules:
yeo Use our own rules:
o Use our own rules:
yo Follow RR (Pyo Min Soo).
u Use our own rules:
yu Use yoo (Example: Yoo Sun).
eu Follow RR (Eun Hae Sung).
i Follow RR (Min Do Hee), except for:
ae Follow RR (Baek Do Bin)
yae Follow RR (No known examples).
e Follow RR (Oh Se Kang).
ye Follow RR (Park Hye Won).
wa Follow RR (Hwan Hee).
wae Follow RR (No known examples).
oe Follow RR, exception:
  • oi for final (Choi Ja Hye, No known an example where ㅚ is not final).
wo Follow RR (Kim Rae Won)
we Follow RR (No known examples)
wi Follow RR (No known examples)
ui Use our own rules:

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