• Title: イヴ
  • Title (romaji): Eve
  • Tagline: Santa Claus Dreaming
  • Format: Renzoku
  • Genre: Human drama
  • Episodes: 10
  • Broadcast network: Fuji TV
  • Broadcast period: 1997-Oct-16 to 1997-Dec-18
  • Air time: Thursday 22:00
  • Theme songs:


Ikariya (the old cop from Odoru Daisousasen) played the assisstant to some influential figure whose daughter was all messed up, and who comes to Karasawa (who plays the psychiatrist Koizumi Santa) and asks him to counsel the daughter without her knowledge. Since Santa is a compulsive gambler he's hard up for money and takes the job even though he's queasy about the ethics. Turns out that she's the same girl he took to the hospital nine months earlier when she had passed out drunk (on the roof of Fuji's Odaiba) preparing to jump. As it happens she woke up in the hospital and saw Santa's best friend Takahashi (a surgeon) holding the Santa Claus hat Santa had been wearing (it was Christmas Eve), and it turns into a very complicated love triangle.


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Episode Titles

  • Ep 01: The love story that santa sends・Will the scars of my heart go away...
  • Ep 02: The hidden scars from love, the shocking reunion
  • Ep 03: Pure love phobia
  • Ep 04: The awkward way of loving, the tearful confession
  • Ep 05: The unbalanced love triangle, the shocking truth
  • Ep 06: The sudden kiss...The swaying patterns of love
  • Ep 07: Although I love you...Fate's mischief
  • Ep 08: Condemned to separate to never see each other again
  • Ep 09: Don't go
  • Ep 10: The miracle of the holy night...The time for the vow of true love

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