Here to Heart


  • Title: 温暖的弦 / Wen Nuan De Xian
  • English title: Here to Heart
  • Also known as: The Warm Cord
  • Genre: Business, romance, drama
  • Episodes: 47
  • Broadcast network: Hunan TV
  • Broadcast period: 2018-Apr-30 to 2018-May-27
  • Opening theme song: Zui Nuan De You Shang (最暖的忧伤) Miserable Warm by Hebe Tian
  • Ending theme song: Jue (倔) Stubborn Yen Chih-lin (颜志琳) of Power Station
  • Insert songs:
    • Bu Gan (不敢) Dare Not by Janice Yan
    • Ai De Zheng Fu Ji (爱的正负极) The Positive and Negative of Love by TANK & Wen Hui Ru
    • Yu Hou Yi Qi Lai Kan Cai Hong (雨后一起看彩虹) Watch The Rainbow Together After The Rain by Zhang Jian Jun Wei (张简君伟)
    • Ru Guo Mei You Ni (如果没有你) If I Don't Have You by Zhang Han


A romance full of twist and turns and undoubtedly heartaches if this entire journey is supposed to last ten years until it gets to a presumably happy ending. The caption says, "Your heart is the place that I want to return to even as I travel to the ends of the earth." ~~ Based on the novel Warm Chord written by An Ning. --MyDramaList

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