Hidden World


  • Title: 将界2之烽火双城 / Jiang Jie 2: Feng Huo Shuang Cheng
  • English title: Hidden World
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Episodes: 12
  • Broadcast network: Youtube
  • Broadcast period: 2017-Aug-19
  • Related TV series: The World (2016)


After the original reactor plan was destroyed by Wang Yifei and others in Shangjing City, Ding Sicong Fisherman successfully took over the Pangu Group, but the progress was not as simple as he imagined. Wang Yifei was taken away by the mysterious black armor warrior and his whereabouts are unknown. When everything seemed to have subsided, a more terrible catastrophe was brewing over the city. At the same time, Tang Xunyan, a demon maid from the South China Sea, took her guardian Yan Qing and set foot on this right and wrong. place. After the Pangu master Ding Sicong took over the group, in order to save the family business, he devoted himself to developing and launching VR games. It was a big sale, but it didn't look good. During the day, it seemed to be peaceful in Shanghai. At night, it turned into a self-danger. The mysterious villain uses the dark power of the stone to alienate innocent citizens, turn into unknown creatures, and emerge day and night, killing everything they see. Tang Xunyan and her guardian Yan Qing tried to save the crisis and thoroughly investigated the source of the unknown species. Ding Sicong and Nobunaga Oda faced internal and external problems and chose to fight to the end.

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