Hometown Legends (2009)

Hometown Legends (2009) is the continuation of a classic series of ghost stories which first aired on KBS between 1977 and 1989 and later between 1996 and 1999. After a successful return in 2008, KBS decided to do another series of one-act dramas.


  • Title: 2009 전설의고향 (傳說의 故鄕) / Jeonsolui Gohyang
  • Also known as: Hometown Legends / Hometown Of Legend / Legendary Hometown / Korean Ghost Stories
  • Genre: Horror, fantasy
  • Episodes: 10
  • Broadcast network: KBS2
  • Broadcast period: 2009-Aug-10 to 2009-Sep-08
  • Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55
  • Related TV shows: Hometown Legends

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Episode 1

Blood Ghost
  • Title: 혈귀 (血鬼) / Blood Ghost
  • Also known as: Vampire / Kiss of the Vampire

Hyeon was killed in the battle field and his corpse was bitten by bats, thus turning him into a vampire. His only salvation was to draw the blood of 9 virgins at full moon. Yeon was framed by her husband Jae Seong's mistress and was being accused of having an affair. While looking for his prey, Hyeon came across Yeon and saved her from being killed by her in-laws. The two fell in love which was destined to end in tragedy right from the start.

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Episode 2

The Regrets of Bamboo Knife
  • Title: 죽도의 한 / The Regrets of Bamboo Knife
  • Also known as: The Grudge Island

Wrongly accused of treason, Teacher Jung Yeo Rip and his followers living on Bamboo Knife Island were massacred by a team of soldiers led by Yoon Hong Gook. Ever since then, the island was rumored to be haunted and all soldiers stationed there died under mysterious circumstances. Nam Sang Hyun was sent to investigate what exactly happened. He was also using this opportunity to look for his girlfriend Mi Hyang who was staying with Teacher Jung when the killing occurred.

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Episode 3

  • Title: 계집종 / Servant
  • Also known as: Come with me to Hell

Even though Soo Jin was a slave girl, she was well treated by her young master Yi Rang. His kindness was mistaken for love and Soo Jin became obsessed with him, even in death. Her spirit would not allow any female to get close to her master.

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Episode 4

Wood Ghost
  • Title: 목각귀 (木刻鬼) / Wood Ghost
  • Also known as: The Wooden Doll

Children affected with smallpox were left to die in the forest for fear of spreading the disease to others as there was no cure. The court doctor, Kim Chu Suh, was secretly trying to develop a vaccine but in doing so, he ended up killing tens of children he tested on, including his adopted daughter who still had loving feelings towards her adopted parents even as a ghost.

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Episode 5

Surrogate Mother
  • Title: 씨받이 / Surrogate Mother
  • Also known as: The Surrogate Womb

Kaeddongi was brought into the Ho household for the sole purpose of giving an heir. Turned out that she and Ho Seung have met as children and the two developed genuine feeling for each other. As soon as she had given birth, she was chased out of the home and was later murdered on order of Ho Seung's mother who wanted to put a stop to their affair once and for all. Her spirit returned 3 years later to protect her son who was being slowly poisoned by Ho Seung's wife.

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Episode 6

Forbidden Book
  • Title: 금서 (禁書) / Forbidden Book

The Forbidden Book was written by a girl criticizing the emperor's way of life and was therefore banned by the court. She was sentenced to die a horrible death and her spirit lingered in the book. Whoever read it would be possessed and hurt those closest to them, be it their masters or family members.

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Episode 7

Silent Village
  • Title: 조용한 마을 / Silent Village
  • Also known as: The Quiet Village
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Episode 8

  • Title: 구미호 / Gumiho
  • Also known as: Fox With Nine Tails / Nine-tailed Fox

So Ho, a female fox, is living among humans to hide her true self after hunters killed her father. She gets married to Yeon Dol, an unattractive man with a good heart. She brings him and his family a lot of fortune from selling salt. So Ho then discovers that humans' feelings do change because of money.

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Episode 9

Myo Jeong's Pearl
  • Title: 묘정의 구슬 / Myo Jeongui Guseul
  • Also known as: Myo Jeong's Pearl

As the Emperor's most favorite Lady, Myo Jeong was ordered killed by the Queen due to jealousy. The pearl that she left behind became known as Myo Jeong's Pearl and it was believed by all the Ladies of the Court that whoever kept it would be favored by the Emperor. Everyone fought to get her hand on the pearl but the pearl was in actual fact possessed by Myo Jeong's spirit who would not rest till she got her revenge.

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Episode 10

The Masked Ghost
  • Title: 가면귀 / Gamyeongwi
  • Also known as: The Mask's Eye / The Masked Ghost

Ka Seop was an orphan girl and grew up with the circus. Instead of being treated as family, she was sold by the circus leader to an elderly government official as concubine. When she became pregnant, she was rescued by Ah Saeng, a member of the circus and the two ran away. Unfortunately, she was hunted down by other circus members on the order of Lady Jeong who feared that Ka Seop's pregnancy would be the downfall of herself and her disfigured daughter. Ka Seop was burned alive and her spirit sought out those who did her wrong.

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  • 2009 KBS Drama Awards: One Act Series Actor Award (Kim Gyu Chul)
  • 2009 KBS Drama Awards: One Act Series Actress Award (Kim Sung Eun)

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