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  • List of Dramas aired in Korea by OCN sorted by date and timeslot.
  • Only drama timeslots that are usually used to air first-time locally airing dramas are listed.
  • Currently airing TV Shows are highlighted.

OCN Monday & Tuesday (21:00)

Title Start Date End Date
That Man Oh Soo 2018-Mar-05 2018-Apr-24
Short 2018-Feb-12 2018-Feb-20
My First Love 2018-Jan-08 2018-Feb-06
Meloholic 2017-Nov-06 2017-Dec-05
My Secret Romance 2017-Apr-17 2017-May-30

OCN Tuesday (24:00)

Title Start Date End Date
Medical Gibang Cinema 2007-Nov-20 2008-Jan-22

OCN Wednesday & Thursday (23:00)

Title Start Date End Date
The Running Mates: Human Rights 2019-Sep-18 2019-Oct-31
Class of Lies 2019-Jul-17 2019-Sep-05
Save Me 2 2019-May-08 2019-Jun-27
Possessed 2019-Mar-06 2019-Apr-25
God's Quiz 5 2018-Nov-14 2019-Jan-10
The Guest 2018-Sep-12 2018-Nov-01

OCN Friday (22:00)

Title Start Date End Date
The Virus 2013-Mar-01 2013-May-03
God's Quiz 2010-Oct-08 2010-Dec-10

OCN Friday (23:00)

Title Start Date End Date
My Lady Boss, My Hero 2008-Sep-19 2008-Nov-07
Company Love 2007-Nov-09 2007-Nov-30
Kid Gang 2007-May-18 2007-Jul-06
Someday 2006-Nov-11 2006-Dec-29
Coma 2006-Jul-21 2006-Aug-18

OCN Friday (24:00)

Title Start Date End Date
Ten 2011-Nov-18 2012-Jan-20
God's Quiz 2 2011-Jun-10 2011-Aug-26
Yaksha 2010-Dec-10 2011-Feb-25
Jung Yak Yong 2009-Nov-27 2010-Jan-15

OCN Friday & Saturday (23:00)

Title Start Date End Date
Police Unit 38 2016-Jun-18 2016-Aug-06

OCN Saturday (22:00)

Title Start Date End Date
Bad Guys 2014-Oct-04 2014-Dec-13

OCN Saturday & Sunday (~22:00)

Title Start Date End Date
The Uncanny Counter 2020-Nov-28 2021-???-??
Search 2020-Oct-17 2020-Nov-15
Missing: The Other Side 2020-Aug-29 2020-Oct-11
Train 2020-Jul-11 2020-Aug-16
Team Bulldog: Off-Duty Investigation 2020-May-23 2020-Jun-28
Rugal 2020-Mar-28 2020-May-17
Tell Me What You Saw 2020-Feb-01 2020-Mar-22
The Lies Within 2019-Oct-12 2019-Dec-01
Strangers from Hell 2019-Aug-31 2019-Oct-06
Watcher 2019-Jul-06 2019-Aug-25
Voice 3 2019-May-11 2019-Jun-30
Kill It 2019-Mar-23 2019-Apr-28
Trap 2019-Feb-09 2019-Mar-03
Priest 2018-Nov-24 2019-Jan-20
Player 2018-Sep-29 2018-Nov-11
Voice 2 2018-Aug-11 2018-Sep-16
Life on Mars 2018-Jun-09 2018-Aug-05
Mistress 2018-Apr-28 2018-Jun-03
Children of a Lesser God 2018-Mar-03 2018-Apr-22
Bad Guys: City of Evil 2017-Dec-16 2018-Feb-04
Black 2017-Oct-14 2017-Dec-10
Save Me 2017-Aug-05 2017-Sep-24
Duel 2017-Jun-03 2017-Jul-23
Tunnel 2017-Mar-25 2017-May-21
Voice 2017-Jan-14 2017-Mar-12

OCN Saturday (23:00)

Title Start Date End Date
Missing Noir M 2015-Mar-28 2015-May-30

OCN Saturday & Sunday (23:00)

Title Start Date End Date
Neighborhood Hero 2016-Jan-23 2016-Mar-20
My Beautiful Bride 2015-Jun-20 2015-Aug-09

OCN Sunday (23:00)

Title Start Date End Date
Vampire Detective 2016-Mar-27 2016-Jun-12
Cheo Yong 2 2015-Aug-23 2015-Oct-18
Dr. Frost 2014-Nov-23 2015-Feb-01
Reset 2014-Aug-24 2014-Oct-26
God's Quiz 4 2014-May-18 2014-Aug-03
Cheo Yong 2014-Feb-09 2014-Apr-06
Ten 2 2013-Apr-14 2013-Jun-30
Vampire Prosecutor 2 2012-Sep-09 2012-Nov-18
God's Quiz 3 2012-May-20 2012-Aug-12
Hero 2012-Mar-18 2012-May-13
Vampire Prosecutor 2011-Oct-02 2011-Dec-18

Unknown Air Time

Title Start Date End Date
Coma 2006-Jul-21 2006-Aug-18
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