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This list is incomplete and currently does not include certain dramas aired late at night or in other irregular timeslots. Please feel free to add to it.

  • List of Dramas aired in Korea by tvN sorted by date and timeslot.
  • Only drama timeslots that are usually used to air first-time locally airing dramas are listed.
  • Currently airing TV Shows are highlighted.

tvN Monday through Thursday (or Friday) (~9:40)

Title Start Date End Date
The Bird That Doesn't Cry 2015-May-04 2015-Oct-22
Family Secrets 2014-Oct-27 2015-Apr-30
Crazy Love 2013-Apr-08 2013-Sep-17
Glass Mask 2012-Sep-03 2013-Apr-04
Yellow Boots 2012-Feb-27 2012-Aug-30

tvN Monday & Tuesday (21:00)

Title Start Date End Date
My Unfamiliar Family 2020-Jun-01 2020-Jul-21
Mothers 2020-May-04 2020-May-05
A Piece of Your Mind 2020-Mar-23 2020-Apr-28

tvN Monday & Tuesday (21:30)

Title Start Date End Date
The Cursed 2020-Feb-10 2020-Mar-17
Black Dog 2019-Dec-16 2020-Feb-04
Catch the Ghost! 2019-Oct-21 2019-Dec-10
The Great Show 2019-Aug-26 2019-Oct-15
Designated Survivor: 60 Days 2019-Jul-01 2019-Aug-20
Abyss 2019-May-06 2019-Jun-25
He Is Psychometric 2019-Mar-11 2019-Apr-30
The Crowned Clown 2019-Jan-07 2019-Mar-04
Tale of Fairy 2018-Nov-05 2018-Dec-25
100 Days My Prince 2018-Sep-10 2018-Oct-30
Let's Eat 3 2018-Jul-16 2018-Aug-28
About Time 2018-May-21 2018-Jul-10
A Poem a Day 2018-Mar-26 2018-May-15
Cross 2018-Jan-29 2018-Mar-20
Rude Miss Young-Ae 16 2017-Dec-04 2018-Jan-23
Because This Is My First Life 2017-Oct-09 2017-Nov-28

tvN Monday & Tuesday (~23:00)

Title Start Date End Date
Drunk in Good Taste 2018-Dec-24 2018-Dec-25
Argon 2017-Sep-04 2017-Sep-26
Bride of the Water God 2017-Jul-03 2017-Aug-22
Circle 2017-May-22 2017-Jun-27
The Liar and His Lover 2017-Mar-20 2017-May-09
Sensitive Boss 2017-Jan-16 2017-Mar-14
Rude Miss Young-Ae 15 2016-Oct-31 2017-Jan-03
Drinking Solo 2016-Sep-05 2016-Oct-25
Let's Fight Ghost 2016-Jul-11 2016-Aug-30
Another Oh Hae Young 2016-May-02 2016-Jun-28
Pied Piper 2016-Mar-07 2016-Apr-26
Cheese in the Trap 2016-Jan-04 2016-Feb-23
Bubblegum 2015-Oct-26 2015-Dec-15
Rude Miss-Young Ae: Season 14 (Monday Only) 2015-Aug-10 2015-Oct-13
Hidden Identity 2015-Jun-16 2015-Aug-04
Let's Eat 2 2015-Apr-06 2015-Jun-02
Ho Goo's Love 2015-Feb-09 2015-Mar-31
Valid Love 2014-Dec-01 2015-Feb-03
Liar Game 2014-Oct-20 2014-Nov-25
My Secret Hotel 2014-Aug-18 2014-Oct-14
High Schooler King of Life 2014-Jun-16 2014-Aug-11
A Witch's Love 2014-Apr-14 2014-Jun-10
I Need Romance 3 2014-Jan-13 2014-Mar-04
Twenty Years Old 2014-Jan-06 2014-Jan-07
Basketball 2013-Oct-21 2013-Dec-17
Who Are You 2013-Jul-29 2013-Sep-17
Dating Agency; Cyrano 2013-May-27 2013-Jul-16
Nine: Nine Time Travels 2013-Mar-11 2013-May-14
Flower Boys Next Door 2013-Jan-07 2013-Feb-26
Reply 1997 2012-Jul-24 2012-Sep-18
I Love Lee Tae Ri 2012-May-28 2012-Jul-17
The Marriage Plot 2012-Apr-02 2012-May-28
Shut Up Flower Boy Band 2012-Jan-30 2012-Mar-20
Flower Boy Ramyun Shop 2011-Oct-31 2011-Dec-20
Birdie Buddy 2011-Aug-08 2011-Oct-25
I Need Romance 2011-Jun-13 2011-Aug-02

tvN Wednesday (23:00)

Title Start Date End Date
Drama Stage 2020 (Ep. 4-7) 2019-Dec-18 2020-Jan-08
Gold Tower 2014-Jul-23 2014-Oct-01
Blue Tower Returns 2013-Nov-27 2014-Feb-26
Blue Tower ZERO 2013-Sep-11 2013-Nov-20
Fantastic Tower 2013-Jul-17 2013-Sep-04
Blue Tower 2013-Jan-23 2013-Jul-10

tvN Wednesday & Thursday (21:00)

Title Start Date End Date
Manny 2011-Apr-13 2011-Jun-02

tvN Wednesday & Thursday (~21:30)

Title Start Date End Date
Money Game 2020-Jan-15 2020-Mar-05
Psychopath Diary 2019-Nov-20 2020-Jan-09
Miss Lee 2019-Sep-25 2019-Nov-14
When the Devil Calls Your Name 2019-Jul-31 2019-Sep-19
Search: WWW 2019-Jun-05 2019-Jul-25
Her Private Life 2019-Apr-10 2019-May-30
Touch Your Heart 2019-Feb-06 2019-Mar-28
Encounter 2018-Nov-28 2019-Jan-24
The Smile Has Left Your Eyes 2018-Oct-03 2018-Nov-22?
Familiar Wife 2018-Aug-01 2018-Sep-20
What's Wrong with Secretary Kim? 2018-Jun-06 2018-Jul-26
My Mister 2018-Mar-21 2018-May-17
Mother 2018-Jan-24 2018-Mar-15
Prison Playbook 2017-Nov-22 2018-Jan-18
Avengers Social Club 2017-Oct-11 2017-Nov-16

tvN Wednesday & Thursday (~23:00)

Title Start Date End Date
Flower of Evil 2020-Jul-29 2020-???-??
Oh My Baby 2020-May-13 2020-Jul-02
Memorist 2020-Mar-11 2020-Apr-30
Criminal Minds 2017-Jul-26 2017-Sep-28
The 3rd Hospital 2012-Sep-05 2012-Nov-08
I Need Romance 2012 2012-Jun-20 2012-Aug-09
Queen In Hyun's Man 2012-Apr-18 2012-Jun-07
Twelve Men in a Year 2012-Feb-15 2012-Apr-05
The Great Catsby 2007-Jul-04 2007-Sep-20
Mermaid Story 2007-Jan-17 2007-Jan-24

tvN Thursday (00:30)

Title Start Date End Date
Drama Stage 2020 (Ep. 8-10) 2020-Jan-16 2020-Jan-30

tvN Thursday (21:00)

Title Start Date End Date
Hospital Playlist 2020-Mar-12 2020-May-28

tvN Thursday (23:00)

Title Start Date End Date
Surplus Princess 2014-Aug-07 2014-Oct-09
Rude Miss Young-Ae 13 2014-Mar-27 2014-Jul-10
Let's Eat 2013-Nov-28 2014-Mar-13
Rude Miss Young-Ae 12 2013-Jul-18 2013-Nov-14
She is Wow 2013-Apr-18 2013-Jul-04
Rude Miss Young-Ae 11 2012-Nov-29 2013-Mar-28

tvN Friday (~21:50)

Title Start Date End Date
Misaengmul 2015-Jan-02 2015-Jan-09
Flower Grandpa Investigative Team 2014-May-09 2014-Jul-25
Monstar 2013-May-17 2013-Aug-02
Rude Miss Young-Ae 10 2012-Apr-13 2012-Aug-31
Rude Miss Young-Ae 9 2011-Sep-09 2012-Jan-20
Once Upon a Time in Saengchori 2010-Nov-05 2011-Mar-18

tvN Friday (23:00)

Title Start Date End Date
Pegasus Market 2019-Sep-20 2019-Dec-06
Rude Miss Young-Ae 17 2019-Feb-08 2019-Apr-26
Top Star U-back 2018-Nov-16 2019-Jan-25
Big Forest 2018-Sep-07 2018-Nov-09
Rude Miss Young-Ae 8 2010-Dec-17 2011-Apr-29
Rude Miss Young-Ae 7 2010-May-14 2010-Sep-24
Harvest Villa 2010-Mar-05 2010-May-07
Rude Miss Young-Ae 6 2009-Oct-16 2010-Feb-26
Rude Miss Young-Ae 5 2009-Mar-06 2009-Jul-17
Rude Miss Young-Ae 4 2008-Sep-05 2008-Dec-19
Rude Miss Young-Ae 3 2008-Mar-07 2008-Jun-20
Rude Miss Young-Ae 2 2007-Sep-07 2008-Dec-21
Rude Miss Young-Ae 2007-Apr-20 2007-Aug-03

tvN Friday (23:30)

Title Start Date End Date
The Superman Age 2015-Apr-10 2015-May-22

tvN Friday (24:00)

Title Start Date End Date
Secret Investigation Record 2010-Aug-20 2010-Oct-29
Fight 2008-Oct-24 2008-Dec-12

tvN Friday (24:30)

Title Start Date End Date
Detective Mr. Lee 2009-Jan-16 2009-Mar-05

tvN Friday & Saturday (~20:30), (~20:00) from The K2 onward

Title Start Date End Date
Chicago Typewriter 2017-Apr-07 2017-Jun-03
Tomorrow with You 2017-Feb-03 2017-Mar-25
Goblin 2016-Dec-02 2017-Jan-21
The K2 2016-Sep-23 2016-Nov-12
The Good Wife 2016-Jul-08 2016-Aug-27
Dear My Friends 2016-May-13 2016-Jul-02
Memory 2016-Mar-18 2016-May-07
Signal 2016-Jan-22 2016-Mar-12
Reply 1988 2015-Nov-06 2016-Jan-16
Twenty Again 2015-Aug-28 2015-Oct-17
Oh My Ghost 2015-Jul-03 2015-Aug-22
Ex-Girlfriend Club 2015-May-08 2015-Jun-13
Super Daddy Yul 2015-Mar-13 2015-May-02
Heart to Heart 2015-Jan-09 2015-Mar-07
Misaeng 2014-Oct-17 2014-Dec-20
Plus Nine Boys 2014-Aug-29 2014-Oct-11
Marriage, Not Dating 2014-Jul-04 2014-Aug-23
Gap Dong 2014-Apr-11 2014-Jun-21
Emergency Couple 2014-Jan-24 2014-Apr-05
Reply 1994 2013-Oct-18 2013-Dec-28

tvN Friday & Saturday (~23:00)

Title Start Date End Date
Entourage 2016-Nov-04 2016-Dec-24
Cinderella and the Four Knights 2016-Aug-12 2016-Oct-01

tvN Saturday (21:00)

Title Start Date End Date
Drama Stage 2020 (Ep. 1-3) 2019-Nov-23 2019-Dec-07

tvN Saturday & Sunday (21:00)

Title Start Date End Date
Forest of Secrets 2 2020-Aug-15 2020-???-??
It's Okay to Not Be Okay 2020-Jun-20 2020-Aug-09
When My Love Blooms 2020-Apr-25 2020-Jun-14
Hi Bye Mama! 2020-Feb-22 2020-Apr-19
Crash Landing on You 2019-Dec-14 2020-Feb-16
Melting Me Softly 2019-Sep-28 2019-Nov-17
Arthdal Chronicles (Part 3) 2019-Sep-07 2019-Sep-22
Hotel Del Luna 2019-Jul-13 2019-Sep-01
Arthdal Chronicles (Parts 1 & 2) 2019-Jun-01 2019-Jul-07
Confession 2019-Mar-23 2019-May-12
Romance Is a Bonus Book 2019-Jan-26 2019-Mar-17
Memories of the Alhambra 2018-Dec-01 2019-Jan-20
Room No. 9 2018-Oct-06 2018-Nov-25
Mr. Sunshine 2018-Jul-07 2018-Sep-30
Lawless Lawyer 2018-May-12 2018-Jul-01
Live 2018-Mar-10 2018-May-06
A Korean Odyssey 2017-Dec-23 2018-Mar-04
The Most Beautiful Goodbye in the World 2017-Dec-09 2017-Dec-17
Revolutionary Love 2017-Oct-14 2017-Dec-03
Deserving of the Name 2017-Aug-12 2017-Oct-01
Forest of Secrets 2017-Jun-10 2017-Jul-30

tvN Saturday (21:45)

Title Start Date End Date
After the Show Ends 2016-Jul-02 2016-Aug-20

tvN Saturday (24:00)

Title Start Date End Date
Drama Stage 2019 2018-Dec-01 2019-Feb-02
Drama Stage 2017-Dec-02 2018-Feb-03

tvN Sunday (22:50)

Title Start Date End Date
21st Century Family 2012-Mar-11 2012-Apr-29
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