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  • List of Dramas aired in Taiwan by CTV sorted by date and timeslot.
  • Only drama timeslots that are usually used to air first-time locally airing dramas are listed.
  • Currently airing TV Shows are highlighted.

CTV Monday to Thursday (20:00)

Title Start Date End Date
Boy and Girl 2011-Aug-16 2011-Sep-26
Bling Days 2009-Aug-19 2009-Dec-07

CTV Monday to Friday (21:00)

Title Start Date End Date
Golden Darling 2016-Apr-20 2016-Jun-14

CTV Friday (22:00)

Title Start Date End Date
Attention, Love! 2017-Jul-30 2017-Nov-05
Nie Xiaoqian 2016-Feb-21 2016-Jul-03
Marry Me or Not 2015-Nov-01 2016-Feb-14
The Day I Lost U 2015-Jul-19 2015-Oct-25
The Crossing Hero 2015-Apr-05 2015-Jul-12
Heart Of Steel 2015-Jan-04 2015-Mar-29
Any Lie Can Become Truth 2014-Oct-05 2014-Dec-28
Say I Love You 2014-Jun-15 2014-Sep-28
The Queen! 2013-Sep-08 2014-Feb-02
Love SOS 2013-Jun-09 2013-Sep-01
Borrow Your Love 2013-Mar-03 2013-Jun-02
Die Sterntaler 2012-Oct-14 2013-Feb-24
Ia Ia, I do 2012-Jun-24 2012-Oct-07
Happy Michelin Kitchen 2012-Mar-18 2012-Jun-17
Men Dang Fu Bu Dui 2011-Nov-13 2012-Mar-11
Love Recipe 2011-Sep-04 2011-Nov-06
Love Keeps Going 2011-Jun-05 2011-Aug-28
Sunny Happiness 2011-Feb-13 2011-May-29
The Gifts 2010-Sep-19 2010-Dec-26
Scent of Love (CTV) 2010-May-30 2010-Aug-08
Down with Love 2010-Jan-31 2010-May-23
Momo Love 2009-Oct-18 2010-Jan-10
ToGetHer 2009-Feb-15 2009-May-03
Love or Bread 2008-Nov-16 2009-Feb-08
Hot Shot 2008-Jul-27 2008-Nov-09
Rolling Love 2008-May-04 2008-Jul-20
It Started with a Kiss: They Kiss Again 2007-Dec-16 2008-Apr-27
Romantic Princess 2007-Sep-17 2007-Dec-09
18 Jin Bu Jin 2007-Apr-29 2007-Sep-09
Corner with Love 2007-Jan-07 2007-Apr-22
Legend of Star Apple 2006-Oct-01 2006-Dec-31
Silence 2006 May 21 2006-Sep-24
Bump Off Lover 2006-Feb-19 2006-May-14
It Started with a Kiss 2005 Sep 25 2006 Feb 12
Devil Beside You 2005-Jun-26 2005-Sep-25
Double Jade Legend 2005-Mar-13 2005-Jun-19
Male Nurse Nightingale 2004
The Legend of Speed 2004
My Secret Garden 2 2004
Love Overcomes Everything 2004
Original Scent of Summer 2003
Diary of Sex and the City 2003
Godfather in Pink 2003-May-02 2003
My Secret Garden 2003

CTV Saturday (22:00), Friday (22:00) from 2015-Feb-06 onward

Title Start Date End Date
Boysitter 2014-Dec-06 2015-Mar-20
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