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Lunar New Year

  • Korean drama specials aired during Lunar New year (Seollal) holidays
  • The Seollal holidays is celebrated over a three day period which includes the day before and the day after Lunar New year
Seollal KBS2 MBC SBS
2014-Feb-01 Wonderful Day in October
2011-Feb-04 Crossing the Youngdo Bridge
2009-Dec-28 Father's House
2008-Feb-05 New Birth of Married Couple
2007-Feb-18 The Return of Shim Chung
2005-Feb-10 My Step Dad is 29
새아빠는 스물아홉
Encounter Best Mother
2004-Jan-23 Radish Kimchi Good Morning Gong Ja (굿모닝 공자) Dog Bowl
2003-Feb-02 Dal-Joong's Cinderella Sun Duk
2002-Feb-12 Sweet Home (MBC)

Independence Day

Samiljeol KBS MBC SBS
2015-Feb-28 / Mar-01 Snowy Road
2009-Mar-01 Sister's Menopause
1996-Mar-01 Ahn Joong Geun (안중근)

Liberation Day

Gwangbokjeol KBS MBC SBS
2011-Aug-15 The Peak
2000-Aug-15 Seongam Island (선감도)
1999-Aug-13 Michiko (미찌꼬)


  • Korean drama specials aired during Chuseok (Mid-Autumn Festival) holidays
  • This Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated over a three day period which includes the day before and the day after Chuseok.
2019-Sep-11 Birthday Letter (생일편지)
2018-Sep-26 After the Rain
2015-Sep-26 My Fantastic Funeral
2013-Sep-19 The Greatest Thing in the World
2012-Sep-30 Family Portrait
2011-Sep-12 Noriko Goes to Seoul The Great Gift
2010-Sep-22 Housewife Kim Kwang Ja's Third Activities Your Heaven
2009-Oct-03 Father's Place
2006-Oct-06 Farewell to Arms 무기여 잘있거라 My Lovely Miss Dal Ja
2005-Sep-18 Hanoi Bride
2004-Sep-28 Hyung Papa Sea
2003-Sep-11 Wedding Gift
2002-Sep-21 Chomsungdae's Moon Kitchen Maid 가족만들기 (Sep-20)
Golden Pond (Sep-21)
2001-Oct-02 Third Coincidence
1994-Sep-20 The Tale of Chun Hyang (춘향전)


  • Korean drama specials aired during Christmas holidays
Seongtanjeol KBS MBC SBS
2010-Dec-25 Thank You for Your Smile
2006-Dec-25 My Love Clementine
2003-Dec-24/25 Argon
2001-Dec-26 Picnic
1999-Dec-26 Sad Temptation

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