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Man in a Veil


  • Title: 비밀의 남자 / Bimirui Namja
  • Also known as: A Secret Man / Man Behind Secret
  • Genre: Melodrama, romance
  • Episodes: 100
  • Broadcast network: KBS2
  • Broadcast period: 2020-Sep-07 to 2020-???-??
  • Air time: Monday to Friday 19:50
  • Original Soundtrack: Man in a Veil OST


Lee Tae Poong has the intelligence level of a seven year old after an accident. Han Yoo Jung is a person with a happy personality that dreams of becoming an announcer. But because her is family is poor she has to let go of her dream and start working to provide for her family. She also deals with the guilt from her twin sisters wrongdoings.

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Main Cast
People around Tae Poong / Min Hyuk
  • Yang Mi Kyung as Lee Kyung Hye (Tae Poong's mother)
  • Lee Il Hwa as Yoon Soo Hee / Seo Ji Sook (Woo Suk's first love)
  • Chae Bin as Kang Ye Jin (Sang Hyun & Soo Hee's daughter)
  • Lee Myung Ho (이명호) as Kang Sang Tae (Soo Hee's brother-in-law)
People around Yoo Jung & Yoo Ra
  • Choi Jae Sung as Han Dae Chul (Yoo Jung & Yoo Ra's father)
  • Kim Eun Soo as Yeo Sook Ja (Yoo Jung & Yoo Ra's mother)
  • Jang Tae Hoon (장태훈) as Han Yoo Myung (Yoo Jung & Yoo Ra's younger brother)
  • Seo Woo Jin as Lee Min Woo / Choi Min Woo / Han Dong Ho (Yoo Ra's biological son, Tae Poong's stepson, Yoo Jung's adopted son)
People around Suh Joon
People around Joon Suk
  • Kim Ye Ryung as Joon Suk's mother (Yoo Ra's mother-in-law)
  • Lee Min Ji (이민지) as Joon Suk's younger sister (Yoo Ra's sister-in-law)
  • Eru as Choi Joon Suk (Min Woo's biological father)
Special guest appearances
  • Lee Jin Woo as Kang Sang Hyun (Soo Hee's husband) cameo

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  • Originally scheduled to premiere on Aug. 31, production was delayed due to a COVID-19 outbreak.

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