Mori Mitsuko wo Ikita Onna


  • Title: 森光子を生きた女
  • Title (romaji): Mori Mitsuko wo Ikita Onna
  • Title (tagline): 日本一愛されたお母さんは、日本一寂しい女だった / Nihon Ichi Aisareta Okasan wa, Nihon Ichi Sabishii Onna Datta
  • Genre: Biography
  • Episodes: 1
  • Format: Tanpatsu
  • Broadcast network: Fuji TV
  • Broadcast period: 2014-May-09
  • Air time: Friday 21:00


The drama tells the life of the late Mori Mitsuko. It was the year 1946, when Japan was still suffering from the losses of the war. Mori Mitsuko was 26 years old at that time, and she had just married an American soldier named Richard. As she wanted to continue on with her profession as an entertainer in Japan, Richard had gone on home to Hawaii first, and all Mori Mitsuko could do was to wait in vain for a letter from Richard. A year later, a letter finally arrived from Richard, and it was one that was requesting for a divorce... At that time, Mori Mitsuko was suffering from tuberclosis, the same disease that had taken her mother when she was 13 years old. Besides her good friends, the one thing that helped to lift her from her despair was the radio. After being discharged from the hospital, Mori Mitsuko headed to the radio station which began her career as a comedienne.

From her humble start, to her marriage and subsequent divorce from Okamoto Yoshihiko; and finally to her death at the age of 92, this drama showcases all the memorable moments of her life. "Japan's most well-loved mother is also Japan's loneliest woman"... these are the words that seem to describe Mori Mitsuko well.

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