My Roommate is a Detective


  • Title: 民国奇探 / Min Guo Qi Tan
  • English Title: My Roommate is a Detective
  • Genre: Period, detective, mystery
  • Episodes: 36
  • Broadcast network: iQiyi
  • Broadcast period: 2020-Mar-24
  • Opening theme song: Puzzle (谜) by After Journey
  • Ending theme song: Awake (醒) by Juno Su


A deduction genius pairs up with a detective and a newspaper reporter to solve mysterious cases.


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Graduate of University of Cambridge, with double degrees in medicine and mathematics. Descendant of a prominent family with ties to royalty of Qing Dynasty. A former financial analyst at Sassoon bank, later becomes a crime consultant at the police station.
Chief Police detective of the Central Station of Shanghai International Settlement. Formally one of the great eight titans of Shanghai's underground world. Subordinate of Bai Qili.
Reporter of Xin Yue Daily Newspaper. Daughter of Bai Qili.
  • Zhang Hui Zhong as Bai Qili, Bai Youning's father. Leader of Qing Long sect.
  • Gan Lu as Meng Xiaoyun, Lu Yao and Bai Youning's landlord
  • Xiang Yun Long as Lu Ahdou, Qiao Chusheng's subordinate
  • Qiao Jun Da as Xiao Yu, coroner
  • Dev Raturi as Sa Limu, Qiao Chusheng's subordinate. Good in making firearms and bombs.
  • Zeng Yong Ti as Lu Miao, Lu Yao's sister. Former governmental secretary.
  • Shi Liang as Lu Zifu, Lu Yao's father. A renowned scholar.
  • Wang Tao as Lu Youjia, Lu Yao's friend. An army officer.
  • Wang Yi Ran as Jiang Zhiqing, family friend of the Lus
  • Cao Yu Cheng as Qing Dai, boss of Chang San Tang. She admires Qiao Chusheng.
  • Karl Dominick as Anderson, director of the British Embassy of the Shanghai International Settlement
  • Lu Feng as Norman, a high ranking official of Municipal Council. person behind the various murder cases
  • Jonathan Kos-Read as Sassoon, CEO of Sassoon bank. Lu Yao's former employer.
  • Zhang Xiang as Lin Xiaobai, employee of Sassoon bank. Lu Yao's ex colleague.
  • Wang Xiao as Liu Zi, Bai Qili's subordinate
  • He Yong Sheng as Huang Laoda, Bai Qili's childhood friend. An opium trader.
  • Zhang Zhi Wei as Hu Zhuxuan, a gangster boss behind taxi companies
  • Ding Liu Yan as Wan Ying, dancer of Paramount Ballroom
  • Jin Gang as Sha Erman, new priest of Tian Zhu Church. Norman's friend.
  • Li Bao Min as A Fu
Person in the Mirror (镜中人) Ep 1-2
  • Zhaoyan Guo Zhang as Chen Qiusheng (Chen Laoliu), a wealthy tycoon
  • Luo Guang Xu as Nie Chengjiang, a famed businessman. Chen Qiusheng's partner in tobacco trade
  • Zhao Yong as Doctor Zhao, doctor of Nie family
  • Zhou Qin Lin as He Kun, secretary of Chen Qiusheng
  • Long De as A Long, subordinate of Chen Qiusheng
  • Liu Bang as A Hu, subordinate of Chen Qiusheng
  • Li Xiao Lin as Car attendant
The Missing Train (消失的电车) Ep 2-3
  • Zhang Fan as Wu Tianpeng, CEO of Dong Hai Electric Company
  • Fa Ti as Qiao Zhi, CEO of Hua Kang Train Company
  • Li Gao Ji as Mao San, a gangster who often robs female workers
  • Zhang Xu Zhou as Scar-face, a hooligan who knows Mao San
The Executor's Judgement (刽子手的审判) Ep 3-4
  • Shi Guang Hui as Head Police Chief, disciple of Bai Qili
  • Zhang Zuo Feng as Shen Dazhi, police chief of Song Hu police station. Was murdered while investigating a case.
  • Zhao Hong Wu as Wang Jiao (Wang Yidao), an executioner and famous serial murderer
  • Hu Yue as Wan Qing, a prostitute at Chang Shan Hall who later becomes a reporter
  • Dong Zhi Chao as Teacher (Cheng Xi), was murdered while on his way to redeem Wan Qing
  • Zheng Qian Dong as Editor, Wan Qing's employer
The Bloodsucker Tribe (吸血族) Ep 4-5
  • Wang Qing as Lin Jiang, a doctor at Hong Ren hospital. Lu Yao's senior and former crush. A former employee of Hua Xing Medicine Factory
  • Zhao Yun as Boss of Hua Xing Medicine Factory
  • Wang Fei as Vampire, a patient of Porphyria disease
  • Zhang Feng as Hawker
  • Zhang Bo Yuan as Newspaper deliverer
  • Hui Yong Xin as Lou Wu, member of Axe Gang who is a victim of the Vampire
Fire Kiss (火吻) Ep 5-7
The Fury of Porcelain Carver (刻瓷师之怒) Ep 7-8
  • Xia Fan as Chen Guangzhi, a famous porcelain carver known for his good looks
  • Yu Jian as Xu Lin, Chen Guangzhi's junior who killed him out of jealousy
  • Chen Guan Hong as Li Mohan, a porcelain carver who clashed with Chen Guangzhi
  • Ding Yi Xuan as Yao Qin, a courtesan at Chang San Hall. Qiao Chusheng's friend
  • Tian Xin as Lao Ya, manager of Chang San Hall
Bloody Clock Tower (血色钟楼) Ep 8-9
The Bride of River God (河神的新娘) Ep 9-10
The Heavy Cross (沉重的十字架) Ep 10-11
The Missing Bullets (失踪的达姆弹) Ep 11-13
  • Li Ji as Gao Song, a famous playboy actor
  • Ji Chong as Tan Xiao, film producer
  • Shen Kai as Li Rui, film director
  • Ai Ran as Shen Yaoguang, an actress. Gao Song's co-star, who was dumped by him
  • Kang Ning as Waiter
Divine Retribution (天谴) Ep 13-14
Snowy Night of Fire (雪夜之火) Ep 14-15
  • Wang Yao as Tan Yixiong, former hall leader of Qing Long sect
  • Liu Rui Ze as Tan Xing, foster son of Tan Yixiong
  • Liu Mei Ren as Luo Shanni, mistress of Tan Yixiong
  • Min Zheng as Lao He, housekeeper of He manor
The Secret of Fuermalin (福尔马林的秘密) Ep 15-17
  • Guo Shuo Jie as Qian Rui, Lu Yao's university classmate. Qiao Zhi University's principal assistant.
  • Liang Dong as Liu Yansheng, Professor of Qiao Zhi University. Caretaker of the animals in the medical department. He has a feud with Guan Dailiang over their unfinished research project.
  • Teng Xiang as Liu Mo, Lu Yao's university classmate. Anatomy studies lecturer.
  • Du Yu Chen as Lin Ai, medical student of Qiao Zhi University. Blackmails Liu Yansheng over her brother's death.
  • Wang Yu Chao as Guan Dailiang, Epidemiology Professor of Qiao Zhi University. His corpse was soaked in Formalin.
  • Wang Zun as Guan Maoliang, Guan Dailiang's brother. Fights over inheritance with him.
  • Zhu Bo Lin as Lin Shiyu, Lin Ai's brother. Was used as a research tool by Liu Yansheng and Guan Dailiang
  • Yue Jun Ling as Mr. Lin
Disgruntled Spirit of the Ancient Tower (古塔怨灵) Ep 17-18
  • Dong Shuai as Ding Rongxian, Vice principal of Shu Ren secondary school. A corrupted man.
  • Zhu Tian Yu as Mo Lan, an introverted librarian who was falsely accused of causing the death of a student and committed suicide out of pressure
  • Xing Luo Dan as Xie Zhen, Ding Rongxian's secretary. Hu Zhuxuan's nephew. Hates Ding Rongxian as his actions corrupted the education industry.
  • Lin Jia as Zhu Yingjiang, Xu Xiaoya's mother
  • Ju Jing Xiang as Xu Bo, Xu Xiaoya's father
  • Wang Jun as Fu Zihong, a person sent by Ding Rongxian to stalk Mo Lan
  • Jin Jia Qi as Xu Xiaoya, a student who died in an accident during a field trip
  • Fan Xiao Ming as Madame Ding
  • Sang Yu Ze as Liu Xinxin, Xu Xiaoya's classmate
  • Yang Di as Driver
Death of Main Editor (主编之死) Ep 19-21
  • Qin Xue as Tong Li, or of Xinyue Newspaper. Bai Youning's rival. Ye Ying's daughter.
  • Qin Xue as Ye Ying, a famous singer who was sentenced to death for killing her husband
  • Wang Yu Zhang as He Youwei, main or of Xinyue Newspaper. Bai Youning's mentor.
  • Wang Xiao Yu as Ye Ying's husband, an abusive alcoholic man
  • Li Jie as Chu Ming, a merchant that once wooed Ye Ying
  • Ren Xue Hai as Old Mr. Chu
  • Xue Li as Chu Ming's neighbour
Burned Corpse in Dance Hall (舞池焦尸) Ep 22-23
  • Tan Hao as Liu Xiangui, Bai Qili's business rival
  • Wang Yi Tong as Jin Menglan, a gege of Qing Dynasty. Liu Xiangui's wife, Lu Yao's distant relative
  • Yuan Quan as Manager Wu, Liu Xiangui's subordinate
  • Yang Kai Di as Yan Ling, a courtesan at Chang San Hall. has a close relationship with Liu Xiangui.
  • Ren Qi as Gong Qisi, a courtesan at Chang San Hall.
Piano Tunes of the Midnight (午夜钢琴曲) Ep 23-24
  • Mu Zi as Mu Qianzi, student of Saint Mary secondary school. Fu Mingyue's close friend.
  • Zhao Jiu Ge as Sun Meng, student of Saint Mary secondary school. Despite being engaged, she is involved in an underground relationship with Qin Shutong
  • Kang Lei as Qin Shutong, a piano teacher at Saint Mary secondary school. Known for being flirtatious.
  • Xu Yu Han as Fu Mingyue, student of Saint Mary secondary school. Committed suicide attacks after being raped by Qin Shutong.
  • Zhu Min as Principal Guo
  • Zhong Pei Yan as Fang Yu, Qin Shutong's fiancee
  • Zhang Jie as Aunt Zhang, caretaker of the student dorms
Fatal Rose (致命玫瑰) Ep 24-26
  • Li Huai Long as Dong Lin, Qian Yiru's husband. A movie actor, and manager of Qian Trading Company
  • Xu Ge Ge as Xiao Lian, a prostitute who was hired by Du Wenxiu to follow Dong Lin
  • Luo Pei as Du Wenxiu (A'Xiu), Dong Lin's maid, who likes him
  • Guo Kai as Ding Shuhan, a secondary school language teacher. Is involved in an affair with Qian Yiru
  • Song Ge as Qian Yifeng, Qian Yiru's brother
  • Wu Qian Dai as Qian Yiru, a famous entrepreneur. CEO of Qian Trading Company
Thunder (天雷) Ep 26-27
  • Han Bo as Zhang Wanfu, housekeeper of Zhou Manor
  • Liu Yu Qi as He Qiaoyin, Zhou Yunliang's mistress
  • Liu Yu Hang as Zhou Yalong, Zhou Yunliang's son
  • Yuan Yuan as Zhou Yafang, Zhou Yunliang's daughter
  • Ding Hua Gen as Zhou Yunliang, CEO of Da Zhou departmental store
Child Kidnapping Case (幼童绑架案) Ep 27-28
  • Zhao Gui Xiang as Shen Changzai, a medicine merchant. A former principal who used his students as test subjects
  • Wang Han Zhe as Ah Shen, Shen Changzai's grandson
  • Li Geng as Jiang Yuandao, Police Department Master
  • Sun Yan as Wang Tiancheng, a magician. His sister Chen Xiaoyuan committed suicide after thinking she saw ghosts
  • Yu Xin Yan as Zhao'er, Jiang Yuandao's daughter
  • Xi Zi as Sun Qianqian, Chen Xiaoyuan's classmate
  • Jia Ling as Teacher Zhao, Chen Xiaoyuan's teacher
Dance Hall Explosion Case (舞厅爆炸案) Ep 29-31
  • Chen Xin Yu as Zou Jing, Lu Yao's first girlfriend.
  • Zheng Min as Zou Ying, a merchant. Former business partner and lover of Bai Qili.
Shadow Puppet's Murder Intention (皮影的杀机) Ep 31-34
  • Yang Chou Chan as Tao Yu, puppet master of Qi Yuan Theater
  • Cao Feng as Wu Peiyan, puppet master and owner of Qi Yuan Theater
  • Li Qin as Lao Ge, qin player of Qi Yuan Theater
  • Gao Ming Yang as Chen Youli, Huang Laoda's subordinate
Death Operation (死亡手术) Ep 35-36
  • Detlef as Duke Xavi, Executive Director of the Municipal Council. An established royalty.
  • Sun Jia Qi as Huang Lu, Duke Xavi's wife and Meng Xiaoyun's close friend
  • Zhu Guo Yu as Doctor Jiang, attending physician of Duke Xavi

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