• Title: 환생-넥스트 / Hwansaeng - Nekseuteu
  • Also known as: Rebirth - Next
  • Genre: Drama, Romance, History
  • Episodes: 14
  • Broadcast network: MBC
  • Broadcast period: 2005-May-16 to 2005-Jun-28
  • Air time: Monday & Tuesday at 21:55
Ryu Soo Young, Park Ye Jin, Jang Shin Young, Lee Jong Soo


Kang Jung Hwa (Jang Shin Young) is a promising young stage actress who has a chance encounter on the subway with Dr. Min Ki Beom (Ryu Soo Young), a brilliant young neurosurgeon. Soon after, she collapses for reasons no one can explain. This event starts a cascade of memories of past experiences from previous lives. Jung Hwa then undergoes treatment by hypnosis for insomnia with psychologist Dr. Lee Soo Hyeon (Park Ye Jin) at the suggestion of fellow actor and boyfriend, Min Ki Soo (Lee Jong Soo). Unexplained also is the powerful attraction between Jung Hwa and Ki Beom. Things are further complicated for them all by the fact that Ki Soo is Dr. Min's brother and Dr. Lee is Dr. Min's fiancee. Jung Hwa chooses to delve into her past life memories and discovers that all four, herself, Soo Hyeon, Ki Beom and Ki Soo have lived past lives of intertwined fates. She searches for the answer to why these four are reborn over and over only to find each other again and continue the cycle of misfortune.

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Now Chosun Koryo Ille Shimkuk

Min Ki Beom
Kang Jung Hwa
Lee Soo Hyeon
Min Ki Soo

Yoon Myung Jin
Geum Young
Yeon Hwa
Wan Bo

Ah Hae
Ja Woon Young
Kim Woong Suh

Suk Ho
Young Sook
Jung Im

Soo Baek
Yoo Hwa
Geum Ga In
So Ho

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Date Episode Nationwide
2005-05-16 1 7.3%
2005-05-17 2 8.5%
2005-05-23 3 9.9%
2005-05-24 4 10.8%
2005-05-30 5 11.1%
2005-05-31 6 8.9%
2005-06-06 7 8.5%
2005-06-07 8 7.1%
2005-06-13 9 9.1%
2005-06-14 10 9.9%
2005-06-20 11 9.0%
2005-06-21 12 8.4%
2005-06-27 13 8.8%
2005-06-28 14 8.4%
Average 9.0%

Source: TNS Media Korea

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