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Peace in Palace, Peace in Chang'an


  • Title: 天下长安 / Tian Xia Chang'an
  • English title: Peace in Palace, Peace in Chang'an
  • Genre: Historical, political
  • Episodes: 70
  • Broadcast network:
  • Broadcast period: 2021


The drama begins with the successful rebellion of Li Yuan against the Sui Dynasty, who then goes on to found the Tang Dynasty. He overlooks his son Li Shimin's military contributions, and creates eldest son Li Jiancheng crown prince, leading to an intense rivalry between the brothers. Li Jiancheng's advisor Wei Zheng tried to persuade the crown prince to weaken Li Shimin's powers, though the advice went unheeded. Ultimately the crown prince was killed by Li Shimin at Xuanwu Gate, and the latter ascended the throne as Emperor Taizong. Thirsty to fill the court with well-educated and loyal politicians, he promoted Wei Zheng to the position of Chancellor, and together they created one of the most prosperous eras in Chinese history.


Royal family
Noble family
Qin Manor Ministers
Ministers and generals
Sui Dynasty
Eastern Tujue

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