Sunao ni Narenakute


  • Title: 素直になれなくて
  • Title (romaji): Sunao ni Narenakute
  • Tagline: Hard to say I love you
  • Format: Renzoku
  • Genre: Drama
  • Episodes: 11
  • Viewership rating: 11.2 (Kanto)
  • Broadcast network: Fuji TV
  • Broadcast period: 2010-Apr-15 to 2010-Jun-24
  • Air time: Thursday 22:00 - 22:54
  • Theme songs:
    • Theme song: Hard to say I love you ~Ii Dasenakute~ by WEAVER
    • Insert song: Sunao ni Narenakute by Sugawara Sayuri


Nakajima looks up to his father, who was a war photographer, but can only get a job as an assistant for gravure magazines. Mizuno is a provisional high school teacher, currently on probation. Nishimura is Mizuno's best friend, whose boyfriend has been avoiding her since she discovered she was pregnant. Ichihara works at a magazine where he is being blackmailed into sexual favours by his chief or. Park, on Twitter, takes on the persona of a doctor, when he is actually working at a company that sells medical equipment to disinterested doctors, and at the same time, trying to take care of his younger sister.

This is a story about the blossoming friendship of five young people who were brought together by Twitter, and their journey to finding honesty with each other and with themselves.

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Episode Ratings

Episode Subtitle Ratings
01 What are you doing right now? 11.9
02 Do you have any friends? 13.2
03 Do you have any secrets? 10.8
04 Bonds 10.3
05 I'll protect you!! 10.9
06 The secret between the two of them 11.6
07 The night that shouldn't have been 11.6
08 The shocking truth 11.8
09 Your life 10.4
10 Don't die! 09.9
11 Towards the future 10.8
Average -- 11.2

Source: Video Research, Ltd.


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