The Champion


  • Title: 任我遨游 / Ren Wo Ao You
  • Episodes: 21
  • Broadcast network: TCS
  • Broadcast period: 2004-Oct-20 to 2004-Nov-17
  • Air time: Weekdays 21:00
  • Opening Song: 任我遨游 / Ren Wo Ao You by Yan Xing Shu and Toro


"The Champion" deals with two plots in the same time. First, it tells the story of the female swimming team Fei Yu which fights with the arrogant Flying Fish. Starting with a very low potential, Fei Yu improves step by step thanks to their new and very strict coach Wu Zhenkang (Yan Xing Shu). The team is composed of Lu Kaixin (Fiona Xie), Guo Jingwen (Jeanette Aw), Wang Tong (Felicia Chin) and He Yilin (Joyce Zhao). Family and friends surround them especially Kaixin's brother Kaiwei (Qi Yuwu).

We also get much deeper in the life of one of the Fei Yu swimmers: Jingwen the "tardy queen". Due to a difficult family life, Jingwen can not always reach her swimming commitments as well as her family ones. However, she is a courageaous girl and she always tries to do her best. She will also fall in love but Jingwen will hesitate a long time between Kaiwei and Zhenkang

There are a lot of sub-plots in this drama. We can summarize them with the main common starting point: Kaixin fell in love with Jiajun (Toro). Jealousy within the Fei Yu will give trouble to all the characters especially the kind and naive Kaixin.

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"The Champion" is a good drama, not really innovative but very entertaining. The producers mixed famous young stars from Taiwan and Singapore. It reminds us a bit "My MVP Valentine" (you can notice that Yan Xingshu plays in "the Champion" too) but it is clearly much more glamourous. Unfortunately, the good rhythm of the 10 first episodes slows down in the second half of the drama. The regular fights between Jingwen's brother and father are a little bit boring. In conlusion, don't hesitate to watch it, it will be for sure a good entertaining souvenir but don't hope too much for brilliant actors as well as an innovative scenario.

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