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The Fated General


  • Title: 霍去病 / Huo Qu Bing
  • English title: The Fated General
  • Genre: Historical
  • Episodes: 92
  • 'Broadcast network:
  • Broadcast period: TBA


The drama chronicles Huo Qubing’s life from his humble beginnings as an illegitimate son born of a lowly maid, to his military victories as young general of the Han Dynasty and ending with his untimely death at the age of 23.



A master tactician and warrior who becomes one of the most distinguished generals of his time.
A lowly maid by Wei Zifu's side who becomes a female general, and later conferred as Princess Zhuyi. Huo Qubing's confidant.
Son of Yizhixie. A brave and astute general who is loyal. Both friends and enemies with Huo Qubing.
Li Guang's third son. An accomplished general who has led several victories on the battlefield during the Han–Xiongnu War.
Son of Zhao Yan. Huo Qubing's subordinate and close comrade.
The late King of Nan's granddaughter. Due to her grandfather's betrayal, she flees to the Xiongnus. Has a love-hate relationship with Huo Qubing, and a mutually beneficial relationship with Bo Li.


Imperial family

Han Generals

Ren Dong Camp

  • Du Yu Ming as Liu Zhu, head of Ren Dong Camp's troops. One of Huo Qubing's earliest followers.
  • Hai Ling as Liu Ding'er, Liu Zhu's daughter. Likes Hong Sen.
  • Kang Jie as Hong Sen, a former bandit who later becomes one of Huo Qubing's most capable man. Likes Liu Ding'er.
  • Yang Shuo as Hao Ming, Huo Qubing's close friend. Likes to fight with Hong Sen.




The series was filmed in Inner Mongolia and Guizhou between August 2016 to September 2017.

Production Crs

  • Director: Zhang Jian
  • Screenwriter: Wen Hao Jie
  • Producer: Zhang Jian
  • Company: Kingswood Films, Zhejiang Yousheng Media & Culture Ltd, Zhong Shi Jing Cai, Create Dream Film, Jetsen

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