The Legend of the Condor Heroes (2017)


  • Title: 射雕英雄传 / She Diao Ying Xiong Zhuan
  • English title: The Legend of the Condor Heroes
  • Genre: Wuxia
  • Episodes: 52
  • Broadcast network: Dragon TV
  • Broadcast period: 2017-Jan-09 to 2017-Apr-18
  • Air time: 22:00
  • Original soundtrack: The Legend of the Condor Heroes (2017) OST
  • Related TV series: see Legend of the Condor Heroes, Return of the Condor Heroes


The first instalment of the legendary Wuxia trilogy tells the story of the two sons of sworn brothers Guo Xiao Tian and Yang Tie Xin in the time of the Song and Lin Dynasties. As the brothers get killed, their wives survive and give birth to their unborn sons. Guo Jing grows up with the Mongols and Yang Kang with the Sin, even though their fathers are Song Dynasty heroes. As they grow up to study martial arts, their journey begins to avenge their father and cleanse the lands of evil in the process.

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Son of Guo Xiao Tian and Yang Tie Xin. A honest and loyal person. Despite being slow, he is hardworking, strong-willed and fearless. He also possesses a strong sense of right and wrong.
Daughter of Huang Yao Shi. She is bright, intelligent and is a jack-of-all-trades. She meets Guo Jing dressed as a beggar boy. Despite finding him foolish, she is intrigued and moved by his kindness.
Son of Yang Tie Xin and Bao Xi Ruo. Was raised by Wanyan Hong Lie. A cunning and hypnotical man, who is greedy for wealth and power.
Adopted daughter of Yang Tie Xin (Mu Yi). Learnt the Carefree Fist from Hong Qigong. Despite her love for Yang Kang, she remains loyal to the Song Dynasty.

Song Dynasty

  • Shao Bing as Guo Xiao Tian, descendant of the Guo Patriot Family. Sworn brother of Yang Tie Xin, husband of Li Ping and Guo Jing's father
  • Li Zong Han as Yang Tie Xin (Mu Yi), descendant of the Yang family who possesses the "Yang Family Spear". Sworn brother of Guo Xiao Tian, husband of Bao Xi Ruo and father of Yang Kang (voiced by Wang Lei)
  • Zeng Li as Li Ping, wife of Guo Xiao Tian and mother of Guo Jing (voiced by Li Shi Rong)
  • Liu Qian Han as Bao Xi Ruo, wife of Yang Tie Xin and mother of Yang Kang
  • Yu Ai Lei as Duan Tian De, military officer of Lin An (later becomes a servant at Guiyun Manor). Survives by currying favor with powerful people
  • Yang Yong Wen as Lu Wen De, commander of Xiangyang's military forces
  • Li Zhong Yang as Gai Yun Cong, prefecture of Jia Xing

Seven Freaks of Jiangnan

  • Wang Kui Rong as Ke Zhen'e ("Flying Bat"), leader of the Seven Freaks. He is blinded by Mei Chao Feng, but possesses great hearing and martial art skills. Favors a staff and poisoned darts
  • Ji Chen Mu as Zhu Cong (Marvelous-Handed Scholar"), second eldest and wisest of the group. Has great thieving and pick-pocketing skills (voiced by Ling Zhen He)
  • Wang Chun Yuan as Han Bao Ju ("King of Horses"), third eldest of the group. Specialized in mounted martial arts, whips and ropes
  • Ma Jing Jing as Nan Xi Ren ("Southern Hill Lumberjack"), fourth eldest of the group. A man of great physical strength but with a shy personality
  • Xin Peng as Zhang Ah Sheng ("Laughing Buddha"), fifth eldest of the group. A man of big proportions but with agile martial arts skills nonetheless. Used to be a monk. Always in good spirits (voiced by Tu Te Ha Meng)
  • Long De as Quan Jin Fa ("Hidden Hero in the Busy City"), sixth eldest of the group. A street vendor that specializes in the lance and spear (voiced by Zhang Lei)
  • Xiao Yin as Han Xiao Ying ("Yue Maiden Sword"), youngest and the only female in the group. Specialist of the sword. Zhang Asheng's lover (voiced by Lu Xi Ran)

Wanyan Hong Lie's associates / Jin Dynasty

  • Zong Feng Yan as Wanyan Hong Lie, sixth prince of Jin Dynasty. Takes care of Bao Xi Ruo after Yang Tie Xin's death and raises Yang Kang as his own. (voiced by Zhang Zhen)
  • Cao Yang as Wanyan Hong Xi, third prince of Jin Dynasty. Hong Lie's elder brother
  • Lin Yi Zheng as Sha Tong Tian ("Devil's Gate Dragon King"), teacher of the Four Devils
  • Gu De Chao as Hou Tong Hai ("Three Headed Dragon"), senior of the Four Devils and Sha Tong Tian's junior
  • Sun Hao as Peng Lian Hu ("Thousand Hands Butcher"), an infamous mass murderer who prefers short spears and throwing stars
  • Gao Yu Qing as Liang Zi Weng ("Ginseng Immortal Old Demon"), a martial artist from Chang Bai Mountain and a master in poisons and cures who grew a viper for 20 years to enhance his internal power
  • Ren Xi Hong as Ling Zhi Shang Ren (Distinguished Big Hand"), a monk from Tibet who has mastered the Poisoned Palm skill
Four Devils of the Yellow River
  • Liu Tao Tao (刘涛涛) as Qian Qing Jian, nicknamed "Death's Axe"
  • Zhao Shuai as Wu Qing Lie, nicknamed "Life-Chasing Spear"
  • Jia Jin (贾进) as Ma Qing Xiong, nicknamed "Soul-Capturing Whip"
  • Fan Jian Yun (樊建云) as Shen Qing Gang, nicknamed "Soul-Severing Saber"


  • Tay Ping Hui as Temüjin, an ambitious warlord. Takes in Guo Jing and his mother, and raised Guo Jing as his own (voiced by Fan Zhe Chen)
  • Dai Wen Wen as Hua Zheng, daughter of Temüjin. Close childhood friend of Gu Jing, and has a crush on him (voiced by Liu Qing)
  • Hou Rui Xiang as Tuo Lei, son of Temüjin and sworn brother of Guo Jing
  • Fu Tian Jiao as Zhe Bie, an expert archer from a rivarly tribe who becomes Temujin's trusted subordinate. Guo Jing and Tuo Lei's archery teacher
  • Wu Ri Ji Tu as Wang Han, sworn brother of Temüjin's father. Khan of the Keraites
  • Hong Tong Ba Tu as Zha Mu He, god son of Wang Han and sworn brother of Temüjin
  • Bai Sha (白鲨) as Sang Kun, son of Wang Han and rival of Temüjin
  • Gang De Er as Du Shi, Sang Kun's son and Wang Han's grandson. Hua Zheng's fiancee
  • Ai Li Ku as Chagatai, Temüjin's second son
  • Bao Di as Wo Kuo Tai, Temujin's third son
  • Su Li De as Bo Er Shu, subordinate of Temujin. An archer who was defeated by Zhe Bie
  • An Qi Er (安琪儿) as Mu Hua Li, subordinate of Temujin

Quanzhen Sect

A Taoist cultivation sect, very skilled in harnessing inner power.

  • Han Dong as Wang Chong Yang, founder of the sect. One of The Five Greats, the "Central Divinity" (voiced by Wang Kai)
  • Ning Wen Tong as Zhou Bo Tong, nicknamed "Old Urchin". Wang Chong Yang's junior, whose skill is comparable to him. A well known prankster, who loves to play tricks on people

The "Seven Immortals of Quanzhen", who take over after Wang Chong Yang's death:

  • Wang Li as Ma Yu (Danyangzi), current leader of Quan Zhen Sect. Teaches Guo Jing inner energy skills (voiced by Qu Jing Guo)
  • Zhao Qiu Sheng as Tan Chu Duan
  • Song Tao as Liu Chu Xuan
  • Shao Feng as Qiu Chu Ji (Changchunzi), a martial arts hero with a fierce determination and strong hatred toward the Jin Dynasty. He befriends Guo Xiao Tian and Yang Tie Xin and names their unborn children. Yang Kang's teacher (voiced by Wu Ling Yun)
  • Guo Jun as Wang Chu Yi (Yuyangzi), nicknamed "Iron Leg Immortal". He befriends Guo Jing after learning that Guo learnt some Quanzhen skills from Ma Yu (voiced by Tang Shui Yu)
  • Liu Wei as Hao Da Tong
  • Zhao Cong as Sun Bu'er, the only female of the Quanzhen sect seven immortals. Took Sui Yu Meng under her wing when she became an orphan and was adopted by the Cheng family.


Peach Blossom Island

  • Michael Miu as Huang Yao Shi (Dong Xie), one of the The Five Greats. Nicknamed the "Eastern Heretic" due to his unorthodox martial art skills and temperament. Father of Huang Rong. Kicked all of his disciples off the island after being betrayed by Mei Chao Feng (Voiced by Zhou Ye Mang)
  • Mi Lu as Mei Chao Feng, one half of the Black Wind Twin Killers and nicknamed the Iron Corpse. Possesses the greatly feared "White Boa Whip Skill". She eloped with her husband Chen Xuan Feng after stealing the Nine Yin Manual (voiced by Zhang Ai). Yang Kang's second teacher
  • Zhang Xi Lai as Chen Xuan Feng, one half of the Black Wind Twin Killers and nicknamed the Copper Corpse. Mei Chao Feng's husband
  • Jerry Chang as Lu Cheng Feng, self-proclaimed "Handicap of Five Lakes" as he settled near Lake Tai in Guiyun Manor. He shares the same passion for arts as Huang Yao Shi and inherits his master's knowledge of medicine and strategic formations
  • Li Yi Xiao as Feng Heng, Huang Yao Shi's late wife and Huang Rong's late mother (voiced by Yang Jing)
  • Gong Zheng Nan as Lu Guan Ying, son of Lu Cheng Feng and young master of Guiyun Manor. Disciple of Xian Xia Sect's Ku Mu Da Shi (voiced by Wang Chen Guang)
  • Xia Zi Tong as Sha Gu, the mentally handicapped daughter of former Peach Blossom Island apprentice Qu Ling Feng, who lives in Niu Village

Beggar Sect

  • Zhao Li Xin as Hong Qi Gong (Bei Gai), one of The Five Greats, the "Northern Beggar"; and founder of the sect. Known for his love for food. Taught Mu Nian Ci martial arts when she was young; and later imparts his skills to Guo Jing and Huang Rong
  • Lu Sen Bao as Elder Peng, elder of the Clean Clothes faction
  • Liu Yu as Elder Liang, elder of the Clean Clothes faction
  • Fan Zhong Hua as Elder Jian, elder of the Clean Clothes faction
  • Song Qing as Lu You Jian, leader of the Dirty Clothes faction. In line to to become the next sect leader. Good friends with Guo Lin and Huang Rong
  • He Guo Xuan as Li Sheng (Chief Li), helps oversee the beggar sect in the regions of the Central Plains. Assists Cheng Yao Jia in dealing with Ouyang Ke
  • Xu Qi Hang as Yu Zhao Xing, helps oversee the beggar sect in the regions of the Central Plains

Mount White Camel

The sect relies on poison to overcome stronger opponents.

  • Hei Zi as Ouyang Feng (Xi Du), one of The Five Greats. Nicknamed "The "Western Venom" for his use of poisons; has mastered the Toad Stance (voiced by Yang Mo)
  • Liu Zhi Yang as Ouyang Ke, Ouyang Feng's nephew. A lecherous flirt who enjoys preying on young and beautiful maidens. He is followed by four maidens in white. Likes Huang Rong and often harasses her (voiced by Yang Tian Xiang)
    • Ouyang Ke's maidens in white:
  1. Hu Lin Jie (胡麟婕)
  2. Zhou Ting
  3. Tian Li Bing (田力冰)

Iron Palm Sect

  • Jiang Yi Ming as Qiu Qian Ren, nicknamed "Iron Palm Skimming on Water". Leader of the sect. Possesses incredible (qinggong) skills (voiced by Zhang Yao Han)
  • Jiang Yi Ming as Qiu Qian Zhang, Qiu Qian Ren's twin brother. Relies on impersonating his brother to scheme others for a living (voiced by Zhang Yao Han)

Duan Sect


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