The Legends


  • Title: 招摇 / Zhao Yao
  • English title: The Legends
  • Genre: Xianxia, romance
  • Episodes: 55
  • Broadcast network: Hunan TV
  • Broadcast period: 2019-Jan-28 to 2019-Apr-03
  • Air time: 22:00
  • Original soundtrack: The Legends OST


Lu Zhaoyao saves Mo Qing (Li Chenlan) who was held in captive, but found out that Li Chenlan was one step ahead of her in seizing the demonic sword. The enormous impact of the Wan Yun sword caused Zhaoyao to be injured. Five years later when she fully recovered, Zhaoyao decides to return to her own sect, but find out that Li Chenlan is now the leader of the sect. Zhaoyao conceals her identity, and using Li Chenlan's love for her, sent him to complete various dangerous missions. However she gradually became touched by Li Chenlan's love for her. Eventually, the two would work together to defeat the reawakened Luo Mingxuan.


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Actor Role Voiced By Notes
Bai Lu Lu Zhaoyao Qiao Shi Yu Leader of Wan Lu sect. Known as the Demoness. Arrogant and ostentatious, she is known for her flamboyant ways in the puglistic world. However despite her bad reputation, she has a strong sense of justice and always stands up for the weak. After she was revived by Qin Zhiyan, she took on Qin Zhiyan's appearance. However due to a strange pill, her body is only visible at night.
Xu Kai
Zhou Zhou Yang (young)
Li Chenlan / Mo Qing Yang Tian Xiang Son of the old Demon King. A reticent and silent man who only loves Lu Zhaoyao and is loyal to her. He takes over the position of the Sect Leader after Zhaoyao's disappearance, and rebuilds the sect to her original wishes.
Xiao Yan Qin Zhiyan Li Shi Meng Young mistress of Xuanyu Hall. She is determined to seek revenge on Liu Wei to avenge the death of her father, and therefore joins Wan Lu Sect. She accidentally revives Zhaoyao from her entrapment, thus making her the only person who can see Zhaoyao's real appearance. Her identity was taken over by Zhaoyao during the night. Initially timid and weak, she grew to become confident and bold with Zhaoyao's guidance. She likes Liu Cangling, but could not be together with him.
Dai Xu Jiang Wu Dai Xu A new talent of the Demon sect. He takes over Mount Xin as the new sect leader. His mission in life is to kill Li Chenlan and become the new leader of Wan Lu sect. He meets Qin Zhiyan (whose body is controlled by Zhaoyao), and falls in love with her. He is revealed to be Qin Qianxian's heart demon. He died saving Zhaoyao from Luo Mingxuan.
Wan Lu sect
Actor Role Voiced By Notes
Xiang Hao
Gong Jun Ze
Gu Hanguang Liu Si Cen Southern Mountain Lord of Wan Lu sect. Known as the Immortal Healer; nicknamed "Worry of King Hades" due to his ability to bring the death back to life. He has a sharp tongue but a soft heart. He once belonged to the Xu Zong sect but agreed to join Wan Lu sect in exchange for saving Shen Qianjin's life. He was killed by Luo Mingxuan.
Ding Ye Sima Rong Qi Si Jia Western Mountain Lord of Wan Lu sect. He is known for wits and wide network of information. He is close friends with Li Chenlan. He falls in love with Yue Zhu, and had his legs crippled while trying to save her. He retired after Lu Zhaoyao's disappearance, concentrating on his efforts to study traps and machinations. He built a wood puppet that resembles Yue Zhu to accompany him. After Yue Zhu's puppet was destroyed by Lin Ziyu, he uses the arts of traps on himself and regained his ability to walk.
Zhang Xin Lu Shiqi Li Xue Jiao Also known as Lu Xuzhi. Eastern Mountain Lord of Wan Lu sect. A simple and forthright girl. Her body is resistant to magical spells, thus making any spell attacks ineffective on her. She was saved by Zhaoyao during the attack of Xie Sha sect and is fiercely loyal to her. She likes Qin Qianxian.
Fu Jia Yuan Jie Zhang He Northern Mountain Lord of Wan Lu sect. He was saved by Zhaoyao after his wife and child were killed by the Unorthodox sects, and is fiercely loyal to her. He abhors anyone related to the Unorthodox sects. He dislikes Li Chenlan and tried rebelling against him, as he thinks that Li Chenlan usurped Zhaoyao's position. He was killed by Li Chenlan following his rebellion.
Yin Yu Hang Lin Ziyu Captain of the Shadow Night Guards. A former test subject of Xie Sha sect who was saved by Lu Zhaoyao. She likes Li Chenlan and is extremely loyal to him. She secretly tried to get rid of Qin Zhiyan multiple times due to jealousy, and even worked together with Yuan Jie to stage a rebellion. She was later evicted from Wan Lu sect and turned to the Unorthodox sects.
Wu Lin Ah Da Yang Kai Qi Li Chenlan's personal guard, who was tasked to watch over Qin Zhiyan. He later replaces Lin Ziyu as the Captain of the Shadow Night guards.
Lin Zi Xing Xiao Ta Bi Zi A shadow night guard who guards the forbidden area. He is known for his clumsy ways.
Li Lin Wei Xiao Ai Lin Ziyu's subordinate.
Yu Sheng Jun Zhou Bai Yuan Jie's subordinate.
Gao Ming An Si Gu Hanguang's subordinate.
Wang Jun New Northern Mountain Lord of Wan Lu sect.
Chen Jiao Long Lu Gang
Li Xian Long Old shadow night guard
Unorthodox sects
Actor Role Voiced By Notes
Liu Guan Xiang Luo Mingxuan Wei Chao Known as the "Golden Immortal", he is the leader of the unorthodox sects. Despite being known for his righteous reputation, he often resorted to unscrupulous ways. He was the reason why Zhaoyao practiced her martial arts and swore to do good, and also the reason why Zhaoyao later turned to the demonic ways. He was once sealed by Zhaoyao as revenge for killing her grandfather. After being revived, he resorted to learning forbidden arts to defeat Zhaoyao, causing him to lose his immortal body and become a demon.
Li Zi Feng Qin Qianxian Peng Yao Master of Qian Chen Pavilion. He is known for his beauty and wisdom. He fell in love with Zhaoyao after being captured back to Wan Lu sect, and secretly saved her during the sword tomb battle and her body frozen in an ice entrapment within Su Mountain. Because he was not allowed to fall in love due to his immortal status, a heart demon was accidentally born within him, resulting in Jiang Wu being born. Later, he fell in love with Lu Shiqi after being saved by her. He was injured by Jiang Wu, and his cultivation powers stolen from him. After Luo Mingxuan's death, he decided to sacrifice himself for the greater good of the world. He evolved into a butterfly and stayed by Lu Shiqi's side.
Mi Lu Liu Suruo Yang Jing Holy Saintess Changyu of Jian Xin sect. Fiancee of Luo Mingxuan. She is willing to do anything to awaken Luo Mingxuan from the seal, including sacrificing her own brother and nephew. She was killed by Zhaoyao after awakening Luo Mingxuan.
Yang Ze Liu Cangling Gu Jiang Shan Young Master of Jian Xin sect. Childhood sweetheart and fiancee of Qin Zhiyan; however they later separate due to insurmountable emotional hurdles. He later saved a disciple of Xu Zong sect, and marries her.
Ye Si Wei Master Jin Xiu Ling Zhen He Leader of Tian Xuan sect. He is known for his obsession about his looks; spending his time honing skills on how to maintain his beauty instead of proper cultivation skills. He likes Tang Yun. Later, he grew ambitious and aims to become the leader of the Unorthodox sects. Thus, he colluded with Jiang Wu and attacked Qian Chen Pavilion. He was gravely injured by Luo Mingxuan and his hair turned white overnight.
Yu Tong Shen Qianjin Tang Xiao Xi Leader of Guanyu Tower. She fell in love with Gu Hanguang during his days in the unorthodox sect, thus causing her body to be crippled with an arctic poison. In order to save her, Gu Hanguang joined Wan Lu sect to save her and her memory was sealed. Later after regaining her memories, she decided to self-destruct her own cultivation skills and forgo her position to be with Gu Hanguang.
Jin Jia Jiang He Leader of Xu Zong sect. He is known for staying out of affairs of the pugilistic world, solely focusing on practicing medicine. He dedicates his whole life to finding a cure for the curse of the Jiang bloodline, that does not allow the leaders of Xu Zong sect to live beyond thirty. He later saves Luo Mingxuan, and attempts to steal his golden immortal body to bear the immense magical energy brought about by the curse, but was deflected by Luo Mingxuan and died.
Xia Tian Chi Tianming Leader of Wang Xing sect. He is loyal to Luo Mingxuan and Liu Suruo.
Wang Zi Tong Tang Yun Leader of Qing Yin Pavilion. She is close with Jin Xiu.
Gong Hai Bin Xiong Tian Leader of Su Nan sect. He always sides with Chi Tianming and Liu Surou.
Luo Er Yang Liu Wei Leader of Jian Xin sect. Liu Suruo's brother and Liu Cangling's father. His body was taken control of and he killed Qin Yu without knowing. He lost all his cultivation skills and became a useless person following a battle with Li Chenlan.
Rain Lau Dugu Xiu Leader of Nan Yue sect. Her whole sect was destroyed by Li Chenlan.
Zhou Yong Xuan Qin Yu Leader of Xuanyu Hall. Qin Zhiyan's father. He was killed by Liu Wei, who was under the "Confusion Heart" spell.
Wang De Shun Zi Dan Qin Qianxian's teacher. Ex-leader of Qian Chen Pavilion.
Liu Yu Jin Yue Zhu Zhang Bi Yu Disciple of Nan Yue sect. A spy sent to assassinate Sima Rong, but fell in love with him. She died shortly after being saved by Sima Rong from captivity. Later, Sima Rong built a wooden puppet that looks exactly like her.
Jin Yu Bo Su Yan Senior disciple of Qian Chen Pavilion.
Lin Fan Su Yu Disciple of Qian Chen Pavilion.
Zhao Jing Zhi Li Yazi Disciple of Xu Zong sect. Jiang He's disciple.
Yang Tian Hao Xin Ting Liu Suruo's subordinate.
Li Xiang Han Yue Liu Suruo's subordinate.
Wang Yi Han Qing Rong Disciple of Guan Yu Tower. She takes over Shen Qianjin's position as sect leader following her departure.
Xiao Tian Long Zhu Cheng Chi Tianming's subordinate. He was tasked to infiltrate into Wan Lu sect to capture Qin Zhiyan, but was discovered and killed by Yuan Jie.
Wang Wen Hu Previous leader of Xu Zong sect. Jiang He's father.
Li Lu Jin Previous sect leader of Guan Yu Tower.
Xu Ge Ge Qin Yu's wife.
Actor Role Notes
Hong Jian Tao Old Master Zhao Zhaoyao's grandfather. He was killed by Luo Mingxuan while saving Zhaoyao.
Xu Xiang Dong Li Xiu / Zhu Ji Demon King. Li Chenlan's father.
Yuan Hao Zong Song Yi Jiang Wu's subordinate.
Zhao Kang Wei Xiao En Jiang Wu's subordinate.
Sun Zhen Chen Zi You The first person Zhaoyao meets in Xizhi Lands, who serves as her guide.
Chen Chu Han Cao Ning Zhaoyao's "husband" in Xizhi Lands. Zhaoyao married him in order to obtain a Kongkong pearl.
Zhu Ya Ying Aunt Zhou Cao Ning's mother, who always helps him look for a wife.
Wang Xin Yu Money shopkeeper in Xizhi Lands.
Li Shuai Shopkeeper of Kong Kong Shop in Xizhi Lands.
Lu Wen Bo Fortune teller in Xizhi Lands.
Yang Xing Guardian of Six Celestial Sword.
Wang Meng Sect leader of Mount Xin. He was killed by Jiang Wu and his position usurped from him.
Guo Xiang Qian Xie Yun
Ji Bin Senior Sister Ding
Wang Xi Lu Qi Son of Yuan Jie's enemy. He was sent to Yuan Jie by Liu Suruo in exchange for Yuan Jie's help in capturing Qin Zhiyan.
Jiang Jia Tong Yuan Jie's wife.
Qiu Chun Yu Storyteller
Zhu Hui Zheng Lady dancer

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A Legendary Love of China
  • Title: 招摇之涅槃传说 / Zhao Yao Zhi Nie Pan Chuan Shuo
  • English title: A Legendary Love of China
  • Genre: Xianxia, romance
  • Episodes: 1
  • Broadcast network: iQiyi
  • Broadcast period: 2019-Feb-23


Romance between Xuan Ling, a demon girl and Liu Cangling, a disciple from an immortal sect. In order to save her father, she goes against the Demon Lord, Mo Xiu.


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