The Magicians Of Love


  • Title: 愛情魔髮師 (爱情魔发师) / Ai Qing Mo Fa Shi
  • English title: The Magicians of Love
  • Also known as: Love Magicians
  • Genre: Romance / comedy
  • Episodes: 22
  • Broadcast network: TTV
  • Broadcast period: 2006 Feb 12 - 2006 Jul 09
  • Air time: Sunday 21:30
  • Original soundtrack: The Magicians of Love OST


World-wide famous hair salon Neo-Image has just opened. The beautiful hairstyles of the three popular hairstylists (Artz, Richie and Fernando) attract huge crowds. At this time, an external official came to them for help. There was an event called "The Chinese Hairstyle Competition" and they have found a part-time working young female hair-dresser, Xiao Bei, to compete against the French stylist to help advertise the French Hair Products. As this competition will greatly affect the country's status, the three guys decided to help.

Later, they find talent in Xiao Bei and trick her into working for Neo-Image, since she refused to cooperate without a fight. One day, Xiao Bei is about to be hit by a car when Artz pushes her away and saves her life. He was wearing a jacket with the number 23 on it. When Xiao Bei saw Richie wearing the jacket and assumed that he was her savior, and she fell for him. However, Richie leads a dangerous life and he lives without knowing if he will have a "tomorrow" or not. Xiao Bei volunteers at a retirement home. A coincidence occurs involving Xiao Bei and Artz visiting his grandma Li Lian at the same time. Grandma Li Lian realizes that they are the perfect couple and convinces Artz into admitting his true feelings for her before it's too late. Read more

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  • The Magicians of Love was such a huge hit in Taiwan that the film makers had to re- the drama. At first, it was going to be 18 episodes long but they extended it to 22.

Review by Mariska

  • This was a drama that was not just about the romance between the two main characters. There were many subplots that involved many of the secondary and supporting characters as well. Plus, it wasn't just pure love and talked about family, work...etc. It was very hilarious but turned a little sentimental near the end. It was very entertaining, but I found it to be a bit draggy around episode 20. Also, I felt the characters (mainly Artz) changed and progressed way to extremely. He became a total different person at the end. I found the ending very cute, although not that satisfying, and this is a great drama overall. You won't regret watching this.

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