The Twin Flower Legend


  • Title: 长相守 / Chang Xiang Shou
  • English title: The Twin Flower Legend
  • Also known as: 木槿花西月锦绣 / Mu Jin Hua Xi Yue Jin Xiu; 花西传 / Hua Xi Zhuan
  • Genre: Historical, romance
  • Episodes: 60
  • Broadcast network: iQiyi, Tencent, Youku
  • Broadcast period: 2020-May-15
  • Original soundtrack: The Twin Flower Legend OST


A pair of twin sisters, Hua Mujin and Hua Jinxiu were sold to powerful Yuan family as slaves when they were young. They meet three other children; Yu Feiyan, Song Minglei and Yao Biying and they form a friendship as sworn siblings. Hua Mujin makes use of the knowledge she learnt from the book "Shang Xun (商训)" and her wits to aid her good friends in surviving the perilous situations thrown at them, and gain a foothold in the Yuan family. Finally with her intelligence, Hua Mujin manages to defeat the Yuan family. Throughout her life, four different outstanding youths had made an impact on Hua Mujin's life - her sworn brother Song Minglei, the innocent and pure Yuan Feiyu, the androgynous and beautiful Duan Yuerong and the love of her life, Yuan Feibai.

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Correlation Chart
Elder daughter of Hua family. She is intelligent and knowledgeable. Fourth sister of the "Little Five Yi". Leader of the Six Sons.
Third Master of Yuan Manor. Son of Yuan Qingjiang and Xie Meixiang.
Twin brother of Yuan Feibai. Master of Dark Palace.
Prince of Nan Kingdom.
Younger daughter of Hua family. She is skilled in martial arts. Youngest among the "Little Five Yi".
Descendant of Ming Family. Second brother of the "Little Five Yi"
Yuan Manor (Family)
Yuan Manor
  • Feng Mian as Chen Yujiao, leader of Yuan Manor Secret Guards
  • Cong Rui Lin as Shen Cangzong, adjutant general of Yuan Manor
  • Liu Min Ting as Liu Yansheng, head attendant of Yuan Manor Purple Garden. Madame Lian's confidante
  • Leung Kin Ping as Han Xiuzhu, Yuan Feibai's attendant
  • Shen Shi Hua as Xie Sanniang, Yuan Feibai's attendant
  • Li Xing Chen as Xie Suhui, Xie Sanniang's son. Yuan Feibai's attendant
  • Yan Jie as Coach Dai, instructor of East Camp
  • Jiang Hao Yan as Coach Lian, instructor of West Camp
  • Xu Wei Dong as Yuan Fengding, troop of Purple Garden
  • Ma Dan Ni as Xiang Qin, troop of Purple Garden Li Rui Pavilion
  • Zhou Cheng Yi as Chu Hua, troop of Purple Garden
  • Ma Yue Xiang (马悦翔) as Wei An, troop of Purple Garden
  • Long Bo Yuan (龙柏源) as Yuan Wu, troop of Purple Garden
  • Qu Meng Ru as Zhu Rui, attendant of Rong Bao Hall
  • Du Ning Lin as Zhou Daniang, head attendant of Housechores Department
  • Chen Zi Yu as Gui Hua, attendant of Housechores Department
Dong Ting Royal Family
Dong Ting Court
Ming Manor
  • Zhang Ming Ming as Ming Fengyang, eldest son of Ming Manor
  • Zhao Zhi Yao as Yuan Qingwu, Ming Fengyang's wife. Yuan Qingjiang's sister
  • Zhang Jia Yue (章珈悦) as Ming Fengqing, second daughter of Ming Manor
  • Ou Qiao He (欧巧合) as Zhang Demao, Ming Fengqing's subordinate
Nan Kingdom

Production Crs

  • Original Writing: Mu Jin Hua Xi Yue Jin Xiu (木槿花西月锦绣) by Hai Piao Xue (海飘雪)
  • Director: Wu Jin Yuan
  • Screenwriters: Rao Jun, Hai Piao Xue (海飘雪)
  • Producer: Li Xiao Wan
  • Company: Rosat Entertainment, Alibaba Pictures, Youku, Tian Mao, Hanwu Fuxing

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