The Will


  • Title: 一切从遗嘱开始 / Yi Qie Chong Yi Zhu Kai Shi
  • English title: The Will
  • Genre: Telemovie
  • Episodes: 1
  • Broadcast period: 2009-Dec-20
  • Broadcast network: MediaCorp Channel U
  • Air time: 2009-Dec-20 21:30-23:00
  • Opening theme song: Ling Yi Zhong Wen Nuan (另一种温暖) by Jones 石康鈞


What happens when 2 brothers are suddenly about to inherit millions from a will? Shocked with incredulity? Overwhelmed with excitement? But what if there is to be one more inheritor vying for the money? Kill him and take every single cent? Share and be happily ever after?

Pan Guosheng is a taxi driver whose heavy addiction to gambling gets him into trouble every time. Elder brother Guochang, on the other hand, is caught up with the law for hiring illegal workers for his renovation company. When both brothers are at their lowest point in their lives, they receive news of their estranged father's death in Phuket.

After the funeral, a lawyer (Lawyer Wang) informs them that their father left an inheritance worth over five million dollars in property and antiques. However, only with the signatory of all three brothers before the firm can release to inheritance to them. The brothers are puzzled; why are there three brothers? If father has remarried, then where is this half-brother Pan Guohui? Anyway, why do they need to share this the money with someone whom they do not even know, and whom is not even aware of this will? Evil thoughts brew in their heads.

Through an old neighbor, the two brothers managed to find out that their half-brother actually lives in Singapore. They finally get to meet him one day, but are shocked to find out that Guohui is actually a girl!

Coming face to face with their beautiful, kind-hearted and loving half- sister, the two brothers' resolve to get rid of her is shaken. One day, a teenager escapes from the girls' home where Guohui volunteers her service. During the pursuit, Guohui is attacked and fell into coma. At same time, the lawyer informed that in the will, there is a clause stating that Guohui must live to the minimum age of twenty-one, otherwise, the five million dollars inheritance shall be donated to charity by default…

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