The Young Warriors



This drama focuses on the earlier days of the legendary Yang Clan when most of them were not yet soldiers. It tells of how their parents, their enemies, and the women they loved shaped their characters, influenced their lives, and motivated them to become the patriotic warriors their clan is revered for.

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  • This drama is brought to us by the same casts and crews of Chinese Paladin.
  • The battle of Jinshatan was said to be cursed. Wicked weather constantly plagued the filming of this scene. One time, they had to stop the shoot because of a mid-March snow storm. (Source: 安全地帶 - 何潤東)
  • Names #1: The sons in the Yang family are known as "Lang" (literally, "man") and their wives are know as "Niang" (woman). The youngest daughter is known as "Mei" (younger sister). They are named numerically starting with "Da" as the biggest/oldest, then "Er" (two), "San" (three}, "Si" (four), "Wu" (five), "Liu" (six), "Qi" (seven), and finally "Ba" (eight). So when they called out "Yang Qi Lang" you know they are referring to the seventh son from the Yang family.
  • Names #2: Historically, a woman of good upbringing would never reveal her first name to non-family members. For an unrelated male to know her first name was an indication of a very intimate relationship, such as a fiancé. After she had gotten married, her first name would be dropped entirely. Instead, she would take on her husband's name. Take for example Luo. She is introduced as 罗氏女 (Luo Shi Nu). However, "Shi Nu" is not her first name. It refers to "the woman of the last name Luo." After she marries Yang Si Lang, she takes on his name and becomes better known as "Yang Si Niang." (Chinese equivalent of "Mrs. John Smith.")
  • Names #3: The Yang mother and father didn't name their kids one through eight because they wanted to save themselves a few brain cells. The kids are just more commonly known as such to the outsiders. Their official names are used in the show. In a meeting with the Emperor, Yang Wu Lang and Yang Liu Lang are called forth by the name 杨延德 (Yang Yan De) and 杨延昭 (Yang Yan Zhao), respectively. Other Yang brothers' official names are mentioned during their boot camp training.
  • Costume: The show's costume is one of it's main focal points. For its premiere, it hosted a runway event where the actors and actresses showcased the show's costumes. The Yang family and Yelu Xie's costumes are based on historical Tang, Song, and Liao fashion. Guan Hong's costume takes its inspiration from Tibetan culture. However, it is the show's military outfit that had garnered the most attention and controversy. Many of the viewers from China found the Yang family's military armor resembled too much of Japanese Samurai armor than historical Song armor with its bright red and black coloring and long, narrow plates.

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