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I have been here since 2007 with my old account. Since then, i have been ing pages on dramawiki especially dramas that i've seen and so as the cast that related to the drama. My aim is to make the pages look better and easy for people to see and read. Initially, i was a fan of Japanese but later moved to Korean because you know why .

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Here is the list of dramas and movies (alphabetically order) that i've seen with the bold ones are my favourites:

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Completed Dramas

  1. 1LoT: Is love or health more important?
  2. 14 Sai no Haha: Nothing beats mother's love!
  3. Aikurushii: There is a big trunk inside his heart..
  4. At Home Dad: Hand the box if want to get married!
  5. Beautiful Life: Let me cut your hair..
  6. Dragon Zakura: Study only for your social status?
  7. GGdB: A swindler turns into a Buddhist priest.
  8. Great Teacher Onizuka: Good morning, teacher!
  9. Hana Kimi: A cat is having a conversation with a dog
  10. Handoku: Perfect but a tragic ending
  11. Hotaru no Haka: War means to remember your mistakes
  12. Hotaru no Hikari: Don't live with your manager, please..
  13. Itazura na Kiss: If the ending is good, everything is good.
  14. Meitantei Conan: Laundry is the best saver.
  15. Mirai Koshi Meguru: 20 years from now, you'll be fat!
  16. Mop Girl: What such a twisted fate..the ketchup..
  17. Mukodono!: Toothbrush also can't live alone...
  18. Mukodono 2003: Don't hug your manager please..
  19. MBMH: Think positively eventhough it's impossible!
  20. Niji wo Kakeru Ouhi: Please read your history textbook
  21. Nodame Cantabile: Sugei, sugei, sugei, and sugei.
  22. Otouto: The brotherhood of a politician and an actor
  23. Over Time: The time is over!
  24. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Moon Power, Make-up!
  25. Proposal Daisakusen: Hopeless, neh???
  26. Repeat: I doubt she got the determination to change the fate
  27. The Sasaki's: Sauce + mayonnaise, and i'll smap you!
  28. Shukumei: Neurological doctor + detective = twins.
  29. SP: Both police and politician are super tricky.
  30. Taika no Kaishin: Priceless smiles
  31. Tiger & Dragon: Tiger, tiger, ajirataiga!
  32. Tomodachi no Koibito: The stupidest person is that guy.
  33. Utahime: A mountain monkey fell in love with a gorilla..
  34. Yome wa Mitsuboshi: The groom will never be back

Completed Movies

  1. 1 Litre of Tears: More realistic
  2. COSMIC RESCUE: Kamisen or Ultraman?
  3. Crows Zero: Fly crows, fly
  4. Crows Zero 2: Stop flying already
  5. Hard Luck Hero: Let's dance to win the boxing match!
  6. Heaven's Door: The seizures is a door to heaven
  7. Hold Up Down: Not crazy but scary.......
  8. Ju-On 1: I swear this is the last
  9. Kagehinata ni Saku: Yellow umbrella returns to the sky
  10. Kisarazu Cats Eye Nihon Series: You got only 2 months...
  11. Kisarazu Cats Eye World Series: Better than the first movie
  12. Koizora: A tale would be forever a tale
  13. Letters from Nirai Kanai: Fourteen pieces of letter
  14. Library Wars: Because of a book..
  15. NANA The Movie: I'm not interested in both NANAs
  16. Otonari: The wall....
  17. Pika*nchi Life Is Hard Dakedo Happy: But......
  18. Pika**nchi Life Is Hard Dakara Happy: So......
  19. Prince of Tennis: Mada-mada dane!
  20. Returner: Awesome ending, that's all i remembered
  21. Saru Lock: It's a crack but not interesting
  22. Seoul: In police, good guys die young...
  23. Sono Toki wa Kare ni Yoroshiku: Sleeping beauty...
  24. Spirited Away: Alice in the wonderland..
  25. Tada Kimi Wo Aishiteru: Nahhh, everyone is getting sick!
  26. Taiyou no Uta: She should just be a singer, not actress.
  27. Tengokuwa Matte Kureru: Tuna vs omelet!
  28. TLNiS: When a make-up artist met a taxi driver.
  29. The Sinking of Japan: The end of the world...
  30. Tookuno Sorani Kieta: An airport is made because of shoe
  31. Touch: Do you love baseball?


Completed Dramas

  1. 100DMP: Am i the only one who feels uncomfortable?
  2. 365RTY: 365 days are not enough to get the autograph
  3. Angry Mom: World full of corrupted people
  4. Answer Me 1988: Enough of Answer Me, just say thanks
  5. Answer Me 1994: My heart bleeds for Chilbongie..
  6. Answer Me 1997: The beauty of a fangirl ♥
  7. Attic Cat: What a pity girl...
  8. Becky's Back: A flower recognises another flower
  9. Boys Before Flowers: I live for SoEul ♥
  10. CC: L&W 2 - Idol Special: Sweet ending
  11. DGCH: Mind your own business!
  12. Dr. Champ: I fall in love with you~
  13. Dr. Jin: Change the history if want to get married
  14. Dream High: A chicken becoming a glowing bird
  15. Dream High 2: What is this?
  16. Emergency Couple: Familiarity or heart-thumping
  17. Ex-Girlfriend Club: FFFFFF couldn't even beat Yohan's smile
  18. Father's House: It's just sad....
  19. God's Gift - 14 Days: Andweee Ki Dong Chan T_T
  20. Gu Family Book: Life goes on..even after 400 years
  21. Hi Bye Mama!: Cry...tears...cry...and tears again
  22. Hospital Playlist: Chilbongie with happy ending version?
  23. Hwarang: Is this really sageuk? Kinda corrupted...
  24. I Hate Going to Work: More reality than misaeng...
  25. I Hear Your Voice: Defendant and victim..deulryeowooooo
  26. IRRLY: Post-encephalitis dementia
  27. Investigation Couple 1 & 2: From Dr Baek to Dr Jang to Dr K
  28. It's Okay to Not Be Okay: Life is not a fairy-tale...
  29. Jang Ok Jung, LIL: Live for her, die for him
  30. Jungle Fish I: Fish doesn't live in river or sea but jungle?
  31. LGDPHS: Emotion doesn't show the true color
  32. Maids: When dying causes a painful heart
  33. MGON: Everyone lies. Everyone is a liar.
  34. May Queen: What amazed me the most she got 3 dads
  35. Misaeng: Survive to achieve a complete life.
  36. Modern Farmer: From cabbage and then to tuna
  37. Momo Salon: Lizzy is being Lizzy
  38. My Princess: How could i forget this
  39. Mystery Freshman: Priceless crying scene of Nam Ji Hyun
  40. Myung Wol the Spy: Leave South and fly to the North
  41. OBSGYNAE: What a life!!!
  42. Perfect Wife: If you're perfect, you're psycho then
  43. Queen Seon Deok: A blessing from the evil Mishil
  44. Rooftop Prince: Even after 300 years, i'll always love you
  45. Scarlet Heart: How could fate being so cruel at everyone
  46. Secret Door: Between life of a commoner & your family
  47. Seven First Kisses: Who could resist those 7 hotties?
  48. She is Nineteen: The title should be Love Quadrangle!
  49. Shopping King Louie: Nalma mideo ♥ Attic Cat ver. 2016
  50. Six Flying Dragons: Is there any romance left in me?
  51. Strongest Chil Woo: For the world full of peace and love
  52. SSBG: Chaiyuk! Chaiyuk! That's all i've learned
  53. Suspicious Partner: You're dirty but pretty...*dies*
  54. Sweet 18: Now, you must get married!
  55. Thank You: When life is complicated, have some fried rice
  56. That Summer Typhoon: Life of a drama...
  57. The Great Seer: A backhug, a backhug, and a wake up
  58. The Sound of Your Heart: When laugh is a disease
  59. The Inheritors: The burden of the heavy crowns
  60. TMTETS: The story as great as the title itself.
  61. The Musical: A waste, what such a waste
  62. TTBY: A miracle is another word for hardwork
  63. TWDR: In the end, everyone dies
  64. WHTMF: Came to get married, ended with a proposal
  65. WISAC?: Why are you living like this?
  66. Winter Sonata: Basically, he died and became alive again
  67. Wonderful Life: Blame it on alcohol...
  68. Whisper: An era of justice has just begun
  69. Why I'm Getting Married: Live a day longer than me
  70. Yong Pal: You need to have connection to become great
  71. YFAS: No pushing and erasing my Samdong, please
  72. You're All Surrounded: Watching this just for Seunggi

Completed Movies

  1. 100 Days with Mr.Arrogant: Sailormoon? Oh wow!
  2. 200 Pounds of Beauty: Just be grateful for being yourself
  3. A Day: When a painful day keeps repeating..
  4. A Millionaires First Love: Is disease the only way to die?
  5. Architecture 101: The legend of first love
  6. Art of Fighting: Let go of fear and fight
  7. Attack The Gas Station 2: Blood type > gas station
  8. Cold Eyes: You must be crazy to win
  9. Confession: In the end, no confession made
  10. Cyrano Agency: Trust comes first before love
  11. Fabricated City: So where is the yongpal?
  12. Flying boys: Stupid boy indeed
  13. Friend: The Great Legacy: Life of a gangster
  14. Haeundae: Prince of the Sea ♥
  15. Harmony: Beautiful...that's all i can say
  16. He Was Cool: True love needs no words.
  17. Heartbreak Library: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  18. Hellcats: Three desperate women
  19. Hot Young Bloods: It's another fairy-tale
  20. Hwayi: Mental illness is such a serious issue
  21. I Can Speak: The world where there is no humanity left
  22. Innocent Steps: Too innocent....
  23. Insadong Scandal: It's just an awesome twist!
  24. Kim Seondal, The Liar: Even a swindler must study diligently
  25. Like for Likes: Like Bommie.....
  26. Love 911: A surgeon turns into a firefighter
  27. Miracle in Cell No. 7: The injustice of the world
  28. Miss Granny: To laugh or to cry....
  29. More than Blue: Nahh, someone has to die again!
  30. Mother: Because she is a mother
  31. My Boss, My Hero: Not that i remember any
  32. MBTB: Even until now, i got stuck with bloodtype
  33. My Girlfriend is An Agent: So basically no surprise there
  34. MLDCTR: Nothing is eternal except death
  35. My Little Bride: The wedding song is a destiny
  36. My Love: Hawaiian couple by HUS is the only reason
  37. My Sassy Girl: Poor guy, isn't he??
  38. My Tutor Friend: Chicken, chicken, and chicken!
  39. My Tutor Friend II: Combination of Japan ♥ Korea
  40. No Breathing: Surprisingly, it was good
  41. No Tears for the Dead: But tears of the living
  42. Northern Limit Line: The heartbroken
  43. Ode to My Father: The pain of being the first-born
  44. Please Teach Me English: Dehhhhhhhhhh
  45. Portrait of a Beauty: Ridiculous
  46. Secretly, Greatly: It's just SUPER AWESOME
  47. Seducing Mr Perfect: Nobody is perfect
  48. She's on Duty: Too gangsterism and undercoverism
  49. Shoot Me in the Heart: All is a lie
  50. Six Years in Love: Because they have no trust anymore
  51. Socialphobia: On how social media can kill a person
  52. South Bound: Run away is not a solution
  53. Speedy Scandal: This guy again..he's not an idol!
  54. Sunny: Pretty, very pretty but reality always hurts
  55. Taegukgi: It's just sad and sad...
  56. Temptation of Wolves: What kind of love is that??
  57. The Berlin File: Not interesting at all
  58. The Classic: Everything happens for a reason
  59. The Con Artists: Awesome candy eyes
  60. The Face Reader: Future definitely cannot be read
  61. The Flu: Even the survivor won't survive
  62. The Himalayas: Life is a mountain...
  63. The Last Blossom: Crying.....and crying.....
  64. TMATW: A low status left a big impact to the future
  65. The Thieves: And so the ending is..?
  66. The Throne: Those who against the flow are mental patients
  67. TT:AOHT: The tiger with a heart but humans with no heart
  68. The Tunnel: Between reality and humanity
  69. The Way Home: How could i forget?
  70. Tinker Ticker: You don't know how i living my life
  71. Too Beautiful To Lie: Steal a wallet to find your soulmate.
  72. Tough as Iron: When you are tired
  73. Train to Busan: Is Busan really safe?
  74. Twenty: The slow motion of fighting scene
  75. Two Faces of My Girlfriend: Two souls in one body
  76. Unforgettable: Just because of a bicycle
  77. Unstoppable Marriage: Dolls save the world!
  78. Very Ordinary Couple: Break up and break up again
  79. Veteran: If only got better translation
  80. Virgin Snow: Ame + Pi = Porcelain
  81. WYBT?: In reality, neither past nor future can be changed.
  82. Windstruck: This actually better than sequel
  83. Wonderful Nightmare: Oppa is sweet as always
  84. Working on Saturday: How in the world...


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Variety Shows


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