Do While Loop

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A "do while" loop is a slightly modified version of the while loop.

In "while-loops" the conditional statement is checked and if true then the code within the while loop is executed.

On the other hand, a "do-while" loop always executes its block of code at least once.

This is because the conditional statement is not checked until after the contained code has been executed.

PHP - While Loop and Do While Loop Contrast

The examples below shows the difference between these two loop types.

$book = 0;

while($book > 1){
    echo "buy a book";

This while loop's conditional statement failed (0 is not greater than 1), therefore the code within the while loop was not executed.

$book = 0;

do {
        echo "buy a book";
} while ($cookies > 1);
buy a book

The code segment "buy a book" was executed first.

A do-while loop first do it and and then it checks the while condition!

You might not need to use a do while loop often but it is good to know it's there!

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